Bushcraft in the Dorset Forest

We LOVE the woods, getting our hands dirty and getting to grips with grizzled outdoor skills from tool use to shelter building. We thought it would be mean to keep such fun to ourselves and so we are sharing it with you too, in the form of delivering high quality bushcraft sessions from our woodland spot in deepest Dorset countryside.

We Offer

Into the woods (full day)

We are lucky enough to have some well skilled guys n gals on team Fore who can help us to deliver a whole array of adventures and here's one ofour faves..

Under the shelter of the trees you can spend a day exploring what the seasons have to offer, foraging and learning the tricks of tree and plant identification. Alongside this we will practice a
whole host of bushcraft skills, from shelter building to water purification and woodwork to fire building before feasting al fresco. An experience unbeatable, especially if you have played a hand in crafting your forest feast.

These full days allow us to share all of our wild ways from bushcraft skills, to foraging for wild foods and teaching you the skills to create a wild feast in the great outdoors. A day of happy tummies and happy hearts.




Dan (affectionately known as ‘The Brawn’) who trained with the well renowned Woodcraft School, holds his NCFE Level 3 in Bushcraft and is more than passionate about the subject. Even when they're not working, Dan, his partner in adventure Jade (‘The Brains’) and the 3 littlies can be found having fun in Dorset's woods! You can be rest assured the rest of the team are equally as committed to teaching and sharing their knowledge and love of the subject, and as with all our activities we are fully insured and our fully trained staff operate in line with industry standard best practice. 

Bushcraft courses

We get up to all sorts in our patch of woodland, covering all the good stuff from shelter building to fire, water purification to plant and tree identification, tracks and signs, tool use, carving, camp crafts and cooking.

We explore a variety of shelter building techniques from natural thermal shelters to the use of tarps and para cord to rig up a home away from home.  Once your shelter is set up we explore one of the fundamentals of Bushcraft- fire, that old critter that enables us to stay warm, cook and provide comfort. We look at the main fire lighting methods and experiment with bowdrills, firesteels, as well as more conventional techniques involving matches and lighters. We cover the use of different tinders and kindling and explore the different burning qualities of a variety of woods as well as looking at different fire lays from cooking fires to fires built for warmth.

We also cover the main tools used in the bushcraft environment- the knife and saw. We believe with these two tools most jobs can be completed, from splitting wood to intricate greenwood carving. More than that, with water being the source of all life we reckon its a tad important we know how to make it safe for consumption. And so we also practice different ways to ensure water is ready to be used- using different filtering and purification techniques (we strongly believe in regular tea breaks and the kettle is always on the fire!). We also happen to reckon that knowledge is at the heart of enjoying any environment and bushcraft is no exception- that’s why we have a go at plant and tree identification. Without knowing what plant we can eat or use for medicine, or which woods make the best bowdrills for fire lighting our enjoyment of the woods is limited. We will give you the skills you need to start your own journey of exploration that we are sure you will continue after your time with us (it’s catching).

All of this is centered around people coming together and enjoying a new environment and we think eating and comfort plays a part in that. So, we teach you new skills to share our ethos, from making pot hangers to cooking the food we have foraged to exploring different ways of cooking, all with the aim of putting tasty food in our bellies in a beautiful environment.

Forage & Feast

An event where the connection between the great outdoors and our plate is made abundantly clear and where we’ll explore the skills needed to enjoy nature’s larder, teaching you foraging, bushcraft & wild cooking skills that will ensure you leave us with full bellies & some core camp skills! Head on over to our Forage & Feast page for more info and images.

Our foraged feasts run quarterly in line with the seasons, we can also organise bespoke events for private groups, corporate and team building experiences.



Half day activities are priced between £40-£80 per person and full days are £90-£110 per person and can be booked through the bookings page. Prices for children vary per activity.

If you're looking for something extra special hop on over to our events page to see what we've got scheduled this year.

In the woods we run a variety of full and half day bushcraft courses and longer expedition esk adventures to cater for individuals, families, schools and groups. Bespoke options are priced according to group size and the scope of your adventure imagination- give us a bell for more information.

All of the equipment you need is provided and if the weather gods let us down and we have to cancel then we promise a full refund or a chance to rebook.

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