Team Building and Corporate Events

With the high seas, beach or woods as a background for your bash the Fore/adventure team can give your group a do and half, we can handcraft team building activities to fit you and your party’s (whether big or small humans) team building adventure imaginations.

If you're a group of friends or want to plan a family get together we can cater for all group sizes, abilities and ages. Let us design a tailor made bespoke adventure or party just for you. Take a read at our group adventure blog which will give you a few ideas and examples of past events. 

If the sea is where it is at for you then from our base we can head out on kayaking adventure to explore our dynamic coastline, its caves, stacks, arches as well as the wildlife that inhabits these waters. If it’s an experience that will make your hair curl then from our coastal spot we can kit you out and take you out exploring where the land meets the sea - getting you scrambling, wild swimming and snorkelling from the kayaks till your hearts are content.

If food is more your thing,  we can take the rods along on a kayak fishing adventure or using all our senses, we’ll head off exploring nature’s larder on a kayak foraging adventure. From the land we can forage for herbs and plants and from the sea and shore we will try our luck for sea vegetables, seaweeds, fish (using handlines or rods), crabs and every critter in between, testing freshly learned identification techniques. It’s then down to the all important preparation... cooking up your freshly caught mackerel using a smoker you have just made, or on a fire you have fanned to flame in a location unparalleled is a way to do your celebration justice.


On the other hand if you are looking to locate your inner caveman/woman with your merry gaggle then we can teach you bushcraft skills from our woodland location; from shelter building to whittling, fire to foraging.

We also happen to have a pretty dab hand when it comes to hosting foraged feasts. If a table shared with your team in a beautiful setting, decked to the natural nines and laden with food hand foraged and locally sourced sounds more like your kind of party then we can hit the knees up nail on the head. Celebrating your occasion alongside our unique environment and through the food it provides while in a setting like ours makes for a do that is more than magical.

Whether kayaking, coasteering, snorkelling, fishing, feasting, foraging, testing your bushcraft skills or a glorious amalgamation of all of the above we will happily handcraft you an adventure to fit your celebration.

Bespoke options like these are priced according to group size and the scope of your team building activity adventure - give us a bell for more information and to chat through your ideas or look for inspiration over on our events page.

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