Cleavers Galium Alparine:

Sticky weed, that brilliant plant we used to through at each other for fun as a child. Or as the fore adventure families kids still do. A funny past time, which subsequently means we all know what it looks like to forage.

Cleavers (Galium Alparine) is otherwise known as sticky weed, sticky willy, goose grass or velcro plant. Create a refreshing and revitalising cleavers water with lemon and cucumber. This has brilliant health benefits. From easing swelling, to relieving UTI’s, it is also believed to fight pre-cancerous cells. Its great for your lymphatic system. Consequently clearing your bodily toxins.

I’m sure we have all experienced the recent sunny weather. And would have loved a refreshing drink that also revitalises the body, well look no further. One of our simplest and easiest forages and recipes yet!

cleavers fore adventure water

Ingredients For Cleavers (Sticky Weed) Water:

  • Large handful of cleavers (sticky weed)
  • A lemon or a large handful of sorrel
  • Cucumber slices, to your taste
  • Freshly boiled water


How To Make Cleavers ( Sticky Weed) Water:

  • Firstly boil your kettle
  • Meanwhile wash your other ingredients.
  • Slice your lemons and cucumber 0.5-1cm thick
  • Secondly place your cleavers and lemon slices into a heat proof jug and pour over the boiling water until covered
  • Leave to cool over night
  • Later, come back to your cleavers water and add your sliced cucumber for the final touch
  • You can decant into another jug now as it has cooled down


Now sit back and enjoy your refreshing and revitalising drink. We love it with fresh cucumber and ice. Or make a naughty version with a glug of gin! Take a look at our favourite Dorset Conker Gin!

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