Beach School in Dorset

Beach school in dorset

Beach School Activities for Small Humans

We can promise that you won’t be fighting to get your little people out the door for the small human adventures we get up to.

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Our beach school and forest school half days and outdoor adventures days can be booked through the bookings page or drop us a line if you have any dates you would like us to check for you that aren't currently scheduled.

Bespoke options are also available for families, parties or gaggles of small humans and are priced according to group size and the scope of your adventure imagination - give us a bell for more information.

All of the equipment you need is provided and if the weather gods let us down and we have to cancel then we promise a full refund or a chance to rebook




Insight to Beach School

What is beach school?

As learning outside the classroom becomes ever more important and we become more familiar with the idea of forest schools and engaging children with the outdoors, we have launched our new beach school sessions in Dorset to utilise our unique location on studland beach, our beach school practitioners are trained to Level 3 standard accredited by one of the leading forest and beach school training providers in the UK.

The idea of Beach schools is to give children the opportunity to learn through different experiences, challenges and activities to develop their emotional sense of worth, empathy and confidence. The childrens participation enables them to gain independence, physical skills and to manage risks and make choices within a safe environment.

The ethos and benefits of our beach school is to connect with nature though positive outdoor play and stimulating environments to allow children to learn and develop their relationship with nature and their peers. Our sessions are designed to help children understand and encourage a sense of responsibility for the natural environment and provide ways to develop their life skills whilst having fun and being inspired!

At a first glance all you can see is sand and sea, children arrive with buckets and spades expecting a day at the 'seaside', you may wonder how the beach could offer enough resources and interest to keep them occupied, but when you take the time to look closer and explore you will be amazed at how this ever changing environment provides many opportunities for learning and fun!

Beach School Activities

The sessions we run are varied in content to explore the diverse location we have, from rock pooling to shelter building, beach art to scavenger hunts, foraging and wild cooking to name but a few, we create sessions designed to be fluid in nature so that we can tailor the activities to suit the individual needs and learning styles of the group and the conditions on the day.

Our location on middle beach at Studland provides a variety of diverse environments for our beach school activities, we are located in an ideal location for rock pool rambling, seaweed scavenging and foreshore foraging these sessions are designed to teach children the importance of conservation and preserving our environment. The sand dunes and woodland behind the beach provides many opportunities for roaming, play and exploration, here we run treasure trails, simple map making and map reading exercises where our beach school activities turn Enid Blyton's famous five stories into a reality.

The beach also creates diverse opportunities for shelter building. We often use the materials we find on the beach to construct shelters. This encourages creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork. We use tarps and para cord to explore rigging up many different ways to protect us from the elements. For our younger clients we often run similar sessions but in miniature for example building shelters for our favourite teddy bears or making stick men and building rafts for them to race.

All this hard work makes children hungry, luckily we are located a stones throw away from several BBQ areas enabling us to cook up a wild feast. Getting the children involved in sharing and cooking food in the outdoors is a superb vehicle for learning and the food always tastes so much better that way! Examples of the culinary delights we may prepare can include trail breads with seaweed, packed with vital sources of vitamins and minerals, both delicious and nutritious! Preparing and lighting our wood fired bbq is a team effort from collecting the kindling and firewood, to using fire steels to light it, a real challenge, watch out mini Ray Mears.


* We are now taking bookings for our summer scheme 201, running from 09.30-16.00 throughout the summer half term and summer holidays in August priced at £40pp per day (ages 7-14 years) current availability is on the booking page but please contact us for more dates if these don't suit you and we will do our best to add more if we can.

* Get in touch with us for details of our 6 week forest and beach school programs for school and youth groups priced at £40pp for 6 x 1 hour sessions.

Outdoor adventure Summer scheme

Days your small humans share with us are spent exploring our local playground of cliffs, shore, sea, beach, woods and heathland. While content may vary day to day according to the tides and conditions we have a raft of activities and stimulating experiences that using all the senses aim to show how great the outdoors really is. That way our relationship with it becomes positively positive, and because it is good for us, we become more smiley people.

Beach based art, scavenger hunts, tool use, woodcraft, shelter building, foraging, fishing, rockpooling, bushcraft, kayaking, wild cooking and snorkelling are just a handful of the outdoor antics we get up to. You might even find yourself wanting to go back to school for this.

Family adventures

Let us show you and your small humans around our patch of wild on and off the water. Click here to see what adventures we have in store for the whole family!