Friday Foraged Recipe #3 | Sea Vegetable & Mackerel Roast

Time: 50 minutes (+ foraging & fishing)
Makes: This recipe is for 4 (adjust according to your catch)

Freshly caught mackerel

3 lovingly caught Mackerel

Thinly sliced (& generous portion of) potatoes for each feaster

4-5 crushed cloves of garlic

1 chunkily sliced red onion

Handful of each prepped sea vegetable (we used sea purslane, sea-blite and perennial and common samphire)*

Pinch of chilli


A few glugs of olive oil

*to prep, break off the bottom of the samphire stems (this is tough and chewy), strip the leaves off the sea purslane and sea-blite and give them all a little wash

Crushed garlic
Red onion

How to:

1.       Pop the oven on to 180c

2.       When it’s warmed up add your potatoes, garlic, onion, chilli and seasoning in to a baking tray, mix with a glug of olive oil and chuck in the oven. Cook this for 25 minutes or so

3.       While the veg are cooking fillet your mackerel

4.       After the veg have had 25 minutes stir in your sea vegetables and lay your mackerel fillets on top. Give this a cook for 7 minutes or so

5.       Take your goods out of the oven, throw on any leftover sea vegetables for seasoning and BAM, you’ve got yourself a sea roast

Perennial samphire
Foraged sea purslane
Common samphire
Sea roast