Fore keeping it real

Things have been a bit busy round here and with 3 small humans something had to give and so we took the decision to take a wee break from the blog and slow down a tad over the festivities...but we're all back into the swing of things now and there seem to be a few more hours to play with so consider this your happy new year (better late than never!)

It was with some surprise that we stumbled upon our best nine IG images of 2015 at the beginning of 2016 and we have to say they weren't the ones we would have thought would make the cut. It just goes to show that people will engage with different content that you put out there and what you think will be the shot that wows, isn't always the case which is rather refreshing to say the least!

sleeping out under the stars, lambing live, exploring our patch of wild, a sumemr foraged feast, fresh eggs from our happy hens, beach school bread making brigade
2015 looked a bit like this; sleeping out under the stars, lambing live, exploring our patch of wild, a summer foraged feast, beach school bread making brigade and the first fresh eggs of the year from our happy hens.

We will be honest, we don't really care much for numbers or obsess about follower figures because for us it's about connecting with people on a more personable level and finding things that inspire us and hoping we do the same back, sharing our passion and our story and being able to scroll back and see a snapshot of our daily life to make us smile on those days when you wonder if all the hard graft is worth it (thankfully there's not many of those!).

We know we can't keep up the with the big guns nor would we want to, just because that's not who we are and we want to be authentic to that, to keep things simple and be in control of how and what we present to the world. Our family is our number one and that drives us and our passion to share what we feel are good experiences and worthy times with others and if the day came and we felt that was jeapordised or what we could give wasn't real anymore then it would be 'thanks for having us but salut!'

So I guess what we are trying to say is that, we love to share what this journey brings, but we are so pleased to discover that we are in a position where it doesn't have to be air brushed to appeal to you and that you take us warts n all, so for that we say mucho thanks!

Here's for keeping it real in 2016 and here are our top nine instagramers that joined us for some #lifethroughadventure in 2015....keep on sharing yours with us on IG folks