Summer foraged feast | A super secret supper

Now we are well on our way to our next foraged feast in September it got us reminiscing about our last gathering.  So we thought it was about time we shared a few snaps and snippets of a magical secret super with you all at our little house on the prairie in Dorset.

springtime feast

After spending a morning on the heath and harbour foraging on the seashore for wild edibles to add to our spring recipes, we hurried back to our base, baskets laden with wild foliage and foraged greens, basking in the delights of a morning spent outside doing what we love.

Escape to the English Countryside Retreat-Part 2 Lobster Dinner Go Gorse & Conker-42.jpg

Back at base we set the scene for an evening of foraged feasting, Dan our forager talked the group through the wild edibles we had found and how we can identify and prepare them for feasting, while James Fowler from the Library of Liquor gave our guests a masterclass in wild cocktails, treating us to a 'Go gorse and conker' special created from our foraged finds. (watch out for our next friday foraged recipe featuring James's cocktail)

Fueled with bubbles and anticipation of what an afternoons wild edible loot would be crafted in to, chitter chatter and laughter filled the air, and the succulent smells wafting from the barbecue were teasing our tastebuds. It was that magical time of year when everything around us is bursting in to life, late spring early summer with just enough warmth in the air to huddle together on a sunshine filled evening and not worry about big overcoats, just extra blankets at the ready should the need arise. 

After enjoying our wild cocktails on the terrace we gathered inside to take our seats at the table, bursting with wild garden flowers before delving into our barbecued studland bay lobsters, swimming in wonderful wild garlic butter fresh from our friendly fishermen down on the quay that morning, with lashings of homemade aioli speckled with wild sea purslane. Crusty bread, pomegranate, kale and sea beet salad, with seaweed flaked new potatoes.

Happy tummies and cheeks aching from giggling so much it hurts. Good times like this make you realise that these are the moments that create magic memories you take with you.  All we can hope for is that our guests leave inspired to recreate some more for themselves on their own journeys, and that we get to keep creating these foraged feasts time and time again..

This is Fore feasting and you can get your hands on some of this good stuff too, our next foraged feast is on September 9th .  The event includes a scrumptious 3 course meal with wine & spirits, a wild cocktail masterclass and a foraging workshop in a stunningly unique secret setting for £70pp.

If this date doesn't suit you how about joining our next 'nature-escape' retreat in October where you get all this and so much more in one weekend to truely immerse yourself in nature. *With special thanks to the ever lovely Sarah Lou Francis for the photography