Living a Life in Nature by Molly Scott Age 9

Hi my name is Molly Scott,

My parents Jade and Dan Scott run Fore / Adventure. I personally think I’m amazingly lucky to lead such a nature filled life, I love being outdoors, wether it’s muddy, rainy or sunny!

molly walking .jpg

My message is that everybody can and should experience nature. Even in a city nature is everywhere! Just go outside, a tree, a garden or a park can connect you to nature or you can just look up at the sky and watch the clouds. Nature is important and just amazing because it’s so simple.

Nature makes me feel calm and happy. I learn so much from it, like birds names and how to identify plants. Climbing trees helps me stay healthy and strong, it beats any climbing frame in any playground. I can learn about seasons and the weather through spending time in nature and seeing how it changes throughout the year.

My top tips for enjoying time in nature are:

  • Walk home from school and try and spot as many nature things as you can

  • Go on walks at parks and nature reserves at the weekends

  • Make nature your playground by climbing trees

  • Use nature to make things to help you remember your adventures

Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and hope you soon get up to your knees in nature!

molly binoculars .jpg