Foraging Dorset

We thought it was an old wives tale that food was the way to the heart- then we got outside, foraging Dorset for ourselves, cooking it up alfresco, and realised those wives knew what they were talking about. From seashore foraging to the woods, using bushcraft skills to turn the foraged into a feast we have heaps of wild adventure offerings...

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New event for 2017

  • Fish, forage & Feast £80pp half day

Many of our customers have asked us for a dry side fish and forage so here it is! Much the same as the kayak, fish, forage & feast but without getting wet!


Foraging courses and experiences in Dorset

To forage is to get outside, in your urban or rural environment, to open your eyes and to seek out the food that is growing around you that you can access for free. It’s a way to make a connection between your environment and to the food on your plate; to make nature into a treasure hunt for the tummy.

Seashore foraging courses

From our spot on the beach we have the fortune of a sea feast on our doorstep. From sea vegetable and sea weeds to crabs and cockles, and whether through the vehicle of another one of our adventures or by foot we’ll get you out and investigating our surroundings. Teaching you skills to identify and prepare what we find, our foraging courses will show you how to make the most of nature’s very own larder, whether in the sea or on the shore. And if you’re lucky enough we can even cook up your finds on the beach, using bushcraft techniques that will be sure to bring out your inner adventurer. You’ve been warned!

Wild food workshops

We run seasonal workshops throughout the year to share our knowledge of wild plants, their medicinal properties, how to harvest them and prepare them for eating. Join us on the shore and in the woods to take away some tasty morsels of information yo help you reconnect with the great outdoors in a new and nutritious way!

Kayak, foraging, fishing and feasting

Our trusty kayaks allow us to get access to the wonderful creeks, islands and chalky stacks that are host to a whole array of wild edibles. Hop aboard a Fore adventure to source your supper with us by kayaking, fishing and foraging for the ingredients you need. We run half days or full days where you get to cook up a fantastic feast alfresco with us and your new adventure companions on the beach.

Forage & Feast

Our passion for nature and all that it provides is celebrated in ernest throughout the year but it is with these 4 forage and feast events that coincide with the seasons that we really spread the love. Our hardworking and talented team pull together to forage for wild ingredients that are then lovingly handcrafted into a 3 course wild feast for you. Under canvas, under the stars or at our secret hideway beside the sea join us to learn about wild plants and how to create your own green goodies, you can be sure that you leave our handcrafted feast with tingling taste buds and happy hearts.



Half day activities are priced between £40-£70 per person and full days are £90-£110 per person and can be booked through the bookings page. Prices for children vary per adventure.

If you're looking for something extra special hop on over to our events page to see what we've got scheduled this year.

Bespoke options are priced according to group size and the scope of your adventure imagination- give us a bell for more information.

All of the equipment you need is provided and if the weather gods let us down and we have to cancel then we promise a full refund or a chance to rebook.

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