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We are completely immersed in nature here on our peninsula in Studland on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, watching our heath, shoreline and woodland change throughout the seasons is a constant source of inspiration for us. We have designed our foraging and wild food adventures to get you close to nature and to let us guide you through what makes this area of Dorset so special and unique.
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01929 761515 | 07933 507165

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A playful day podcast | Standup paddleboarding & seaweed foraging


A playful day podcast | Standup paddleboarding & seaweed foraging

When the lovely Kate at Aplayfulday asked us the question ‘what does adventure mean to you’, there were so many answers…but she nailed it herself, ‘You are present enough in yours to take in a detail’ and that’s so right & exactly where all of our adventures begin.

Above all we strive to make our adventures accessible, real and most of all achievable, we figure it’s not always the big jumps that give you the best highs!


So have a little listen to us chewing the cud on Kates latest podcast, if you come away with anything it will be a chuckle at us and hopefully a nudge to start your own adventures or keep up with the ones you’ve already begun!

Foreadventure Dan.jpg
Dan and Jade.jpg
Foreadventure foraging.jpg

Here’s a wee vid of the day we showed Kate around our patch of Dorset coastline in Studland and took to the stand up paddle boards on silky seas for a seaweed forage

If you like what you hear (& see!) then join in on one of our wild adventures, we have heaps going on throughout the summer on and off the water, see our special events page or our calendar for more details of our regular sessions. From bushcraft days, stand up paddle boarding lessons, seashore foraging on foot or by kayak and our next seasonal foraged feast on September 9th, it’s all happening and it’s all rosy cheek making, happy heart warming stuff…

*with thanks to Kate at a A Playful Day for all the images & footage

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