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We are completely immersed in nature here on our peninsula in Studland on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, watching our heath, shoreline and woodland change throughout the seasons is a constant source of inspiration for us. We have designed our foraging and wild food adventures to get you close to nature and to let us guide you through what makes this area of Dorset so special and unique.
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The Hutquarters, Middle Beach, Studland
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Fish/ Forage/ Feast


Fish/ Forage/ Feast


Wetsuits on, helmets donned, and safety briefing done; a prelude to one of our adventures that conquers the sea, shore and stomach in one. Here’s a cheeky glimpse into catch and cook Fore style:

With a lesson in rigging fishing rods with feathers- our most successful mackerel catching lure under the belt our adventurers headed onto their kayaks and hit the water. Towing our fishing line behind the kayaks (trolling) as we paddled out to Old Harry’s, the fishy Gods gave us a glimpse of what was to come, with a first mackerel catch in the bag (/boat).

After reaching Old Harry we got to exploring his stacks and arches from the water. You see, like sea is to weed Old Harry is to Fore a good old friend- providing an iconic marker to a majority of our water based adventures. From here we cracked on with our fishy agenda, practicing the art of jigging and spinning (while these sound like dance moves we can assure you they are technical fishing terms!).

10 mackerel jumped sweetly on to our hooks this day. The good little things.

And so we mastered the sea.

Landing at Old Harry’s shores we gathered firewood and foraged for sea vegetables and seaweeds. Opening our eyes and with a spot of direction, it’s always exciting to see what nature will provide. Dabbling in bushcraft skills we got to making a BBQ pit with the stones around us, laying a fire and lighting it with our faithful firesteel- we were good to feast.

And so we mastered the shore.

Prepping the mackerel off the back of the steeds that landed us them, learning how to fillet as we went, our hard work was soon to be rewarded. We even tried our hand at a spot of sushi- making mackerel sashimi wrapped in seaweed kelp. Can you get fresher than that?

And so we mastered our stomachs.

Spreading the ashes of our feast and ensuring we left no trace we headed back to the Hutquarters with satisfied bellies and smiles only an encounter with an environment like ours can deliver.

Job done, Fore/adventure style. Adventure conquered.


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