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We are completely immersed in nature here on our peninsula in Studland on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, watching our heath, shoreline and woodland change throughout the seasons is a constant source of inspiration for us. We have designed our foraging and wild food adventures to get you close to nature and to let us guide you through what makes this area of Dorset so special and unique.
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Foraging in the Spring | Wild food events in Dorset

seashore foraging with Fore / Adventure

Foraging in the Spring | Wild food events in Dorset

Spring time on beautiful Studland in Dorset takes some beating, the hedgerows are bursting with wild edibles, the shore is brimming with sea vegetables and the sea is swimming with life. Just a few weeks back as Spring was in full swing we celebrated with a bunch of good folk for our forage & feast wild food event in Dorset to enjoy the fruits of natures larder, here’s a sneaky peak into our world….

seashore foraging with Fore / Adventure

Our wild food events run throughout the year alongside the seasons, we pull together a team of chefs and wild wizards to bestow their skills upon our guests. Our forager Dan Scott was on board to kick start the evening with a wild food walk along the seashore followed by a wild cocktail demo by award winning mixologist James Fowler founder of The Larder House.

Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-3.jpg
Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-75.jpg

The forage;

wild sorrel, plantain, navel wort, dandelion leaves, primroses, burdock, ground ivy, oak, chestnut, nettles, yarrow, hemlock water dropwort, orache, sea beet, scotts pine, wild garlic, jack by the hedge….

Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-23.jpg
Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-21.jpg
Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-66.jpg
Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-53.jpg

The wild cocktail;

Chase marmalade vodka
Fino sherry
Fermented sicilian lemon,
Wild sorrel,
Langham brut

Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-124.jpg
Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-2.jpg
Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-96.jpg
Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-97.jpg

James Fowler and guest chef Quentin Royle worked their magic with our wild ingredients to deliver a mouth watering feast that was a treat for all the senses, a perfect match for the styling and setting of our secret supper spot.


The feast;

Starter of Crab tian with a wild garlic guacamole and foraged salad
Main of fish & shells chowder with wild greens
Dessert of malt & gorse honey cheesecake

Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-103.jpg
Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-1.jpg
Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-151.jpg
Spring Feast_Foreadventure_SarahLouFrancis-89.jpg

washed down with;

‘pina colada’ wild cocktail with the desert and wine paired with each course to accompany the meal.

forage and feast wild food events in dorset

If this looks like you’re idea of heaven then you’re in luck. We host these special seasonal wild food events 4 times a year priced at ยฃ80pp. We can also host private bespoke events for your own party so do get in touch with us if you’re keen for us to handcraft something just for you.

Our special events includes all of your food & drink and the chance to try your hand at beach fishing on the shore aswell as our usual foraging walk and wild cocktail demos.

You can also join us throughout the summer on our kayaking foraging and feasting events.

*with thanks to the wonderful Sarah Lou Francis for the photography

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