Kayak foraging adventures in Dorset

Our trusty steeds are the perfect vessel to explore those areas hard to reach on foot and source wild foods, to connect you with the outdoors and what it has to offer, not just with sustainable, fresh, wild, good food but for heart warming (& heart pumping at times!) experiences that make enjoying your creations all the better!

Join us in Studland on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset for a wild food adventure that is unique and inspiring. Forage for sea vegetables from our kayaks and explore the majestic sights of Old Harry Rocks along the way. Explore caves and seek out edible seaweeds on top of our kayaks or below the surface with us snorkelling and hand diving for wild food.  You can get as much or as little involved as you like, we have a wide array of adventures and if there is something you fancy doing and we haven't got it advertised you can bet we're probably doing it anyway or we're about to, so just ask.! 

Kayak foraging adventures in dorset

Kayak foraging courses

We offer a wide range of kayaking foraging experiences catering for all levels of ability. If you would rather stay on dry land head over to our foraging page for our other wild food courses and adventures.

We offer

  • Kayak, fish & forage half day 3 hours £70pp age 12+

  • Kayak, fish, forage & feast (5 hours) £120pp age 12+

  • kayak foraging half day 3 hours £60pp age 12+

Other Adventures on offer


Bespoke options are also available for groups or individuals and are priced according to group size and the scope of your adventure imagination - give us a bell for more information.

All of the equipment you need is provided and if the weather gods let us down and we have to cancel then we promise a full refund or a chance to rebook.



Kayaking and foraging on the Jurassic coast

We believe that getting to grips with our environment again, encouraging people to respect it & understand it & stripping it back to the simple stuff, experimenting with & enjoying what's all around us every day and then hunkering down after a days kayaking adventure with your fellow adventurers to enjoy what natures larder has provided is one sure way to feel reconnected with nature and each other.

Half day Kayak foraging

This half day kayak safari seashore foraging adventure will start from our base in studland in Dorset and head out to explore the iconic sea stacks of Old Harry Rocks. We will stop enroute to seek out wild plants and seaweeds, depending on tides and conditions we will check one of our pots to see what sea creatures are lurking beneath the surface.

Kayak, fish, forage and feast (5 hours)

On a typical day the group take to high seas from our base on Studland beach on our  kayaks to fish for mackerel and scavenge for seaweed and sea vegetables from the boats and along the shoreline stopping at coves to hunt through the hedgerows and foreshore for an array of wild edibles. If you're joining us for a feasting experience then back at the beach we set about making camp to create a wild feast and enjoy our bounty together.

All of our wild food adventures are created to engage people with what grows wild and to help them learn the skills to respect and enjoy our environment, such as the rules for sustainable fishing or how to forage respectfully. The clients are involved in the process of sourcing the ingredients and then shown how to light a fire, prep the food, cook the food etc and then we all enjoy our creation together in the great outdoors.


Safety is our number one priority and we can guarantee that all our instructors are trained to industry standard best practice and hold National Governing body qualifications where applicable, to operate in line with our AALA licence for coasteering and kayaking. As a WISE wildlife safe accredited operator you be can rest assured that we work responsibly, without disturbing the wildlife and sealife and we forage sustainably and sensitively

What you could be catching

We manage our fishing sessions responsibly in a sustainable manner. Fishing from a kayak is an ecological friendly activity with minimal impact on the environment. You could be catching Bream, Bass (catch & release), Mackerel, Rays, Dogfish in the Summer and Whiting and Plaice in the Winter.  We set pots to find crabs and lobsters, and hunt along the shore for razor clams and shrimp.

What you could be foraging

Natures larder is forever changing, spring time brings us new shoots, like wild garlic, alexanders and cleansing cleavers, in summer we are treated with edible blooms and more gorgeous green goodies and sea vegetables. Autumn delivers nourishing nuts and a bounty of berries.  Even in winter you can still forage and find yourself wild foods to eat. Best of all we have an abundance of edible seaweeds all year round so the larder is never empty.

What you could be feasting

On our kayak, fish, forage and feast adventures we will show you what to do with your edible finds and teach you how to prepare your freshly caught fish to cook up a simple yet delicious lunch or supper on the beach.  If we don't get as lucky as we might hope, don't worry as we always have locally sourced fish as a back up plan.