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Foraging and feasting is the best way to get outside, in your urban or rural environment, to open your eyes and to seek out the wild food that is growing around you that you can access for free. It’s a way to make a connection between your environment and to the food on your plate; to make nature into a treasure hunt for the tummy.

With a focus on connecting people to nature, we create immersive experiences that connect clients to the great outdoors through wild food and adventure. We are passionate about foraging and are committed to sharing a real taste of Dorset through our experiences. From foraging along the seashore to scouring the hedgerows in the woods, and using bushcraft skills to turn foraged finds into a feast we have heaps of wild adventure offerings.

Foraging And Feasting In The Great Outdoors

Nature's larder is forever changing, springtime brings us new shoots, like wild garlic, alexanders, and cleansing cleavers, in summer we are treated with edible blooms and more gorgeous green goodies and sea vegetables. Autumn delivers nourishing nuts and a bounty of berries. Even in Winter you can still forage and find yourself wild foods to eat. Best of all we have an abundance of edible seaweeds all year round so the larder is never empty.

When it comes to foraging and feasting, seeing people first recognise that glorious relationship between the outdoors and what they eat is always a special moment. It’s exciting! Donning your wellies and grabbing your basket and exploring the hedgerows and seashore is like a treasure hunt of the natural kind. Being able to eat what you have found in this adventurous way is an added bonus – it becomes about the journey.

Join us in Studland and the surrounding Dorset countryside to learn about your wild foods. We host foraging walks and courses and wild food events that involve cooking up your foraged ingredients alfresco or why not take a seat at one of our seasonal forage and feast experiences where you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour and natures larder, with a cocktail to hand!

Our Location On The Dorset Coast

Our spot on the Jurassic coast in Dorset is a place of beauty and bounty, perfect for foraging and feasting. A long sandy peninsula with a heavenly harbour where we explore the salt marshes on one side and a golden stretch of sandy shore on the other with woodland in between, there is certainly no shortage of nature to explore. If you want to try out some of these green goodies have a look at our blog where we share foraging tips and recipes.

It is here that the majority of our foraging and feasting courses run but we do venture out further for some of our events and we can happily bring Fore to you to run bespoke days for your group or corporate event closer to home if you are looking to explore your own patch with us in tow.

We also work with brands to create content such as Talisker Whisky and La Mer and we are also available for filming and have previously been featured on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, and National Geographic.

Dan our head forager is an ethnobotanist and bushcraft instructor who trained under John Ryder, founder of the renowned Woodcraft school.

As a WISE wildlife safe accredited operator you be can rest assured that we work responsibly, without disturbing the wildlife and sealife and we forage sustainably and sensitively.

Foraging And Feasting Recommendations

“Your forage and feast experience is something everyone should do at least once. We were whisked away into the incredible scenery and enjoyed sampling the foraged goods along the way. Our group had possibly one of the tastiest meals ever, we had such a laugh too”

Oscar T

“The coastal foraging guided walk was wonderful, even though it was raining Dan kept our spirits up with his infectious enthusiasm. Who knew there were so many tasty wild foods nearby the southwest coastal footpath”

Ben WP

“Foraging and feasting is a foodie’s dream. We learned so much from Dan along our walk in the summer sun, gathering all of the tasty herbs and seaweed. The dining experience was incredibly unique, we have never had such a lovely meal in the great outdoors. Everything was perfect from the decorative flower bouquets to the fire pit and festoon lighting. Thank you Fore Adventure for the memories”

Michelle T

“My husband and I try to book in on the Forage and Feast experience with Fore Adventure every year, we are addicted. One of the worst parts of our lockdown experience was missing out. Thank god they are back up and running, better than ever. Looking for a unique experience on the coast? Highly recommended.”

Danni O

Foraging And Feasting Questions

Do You Cater For Different Dietary Requirements?

Yes, we cater to vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, intolerances, and allergies. Please advise of any dietary requirements when you book.

Can I See A Sample Menu For The Feasting Experience?

We have examples of previous menus on the blog. Our menus change as we forage seasonally and use local produce.

Is Foraging Legal In The UK?

It is legal to forage for personal use, with the landowner’s permission. If you want to learn more about the legalities, check out the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) and the Theft Act (1968) or book a foraging course with us.

What Is Foraging?

Foraging is the act of identifying and collecting wild foods. In our courses, we’ll show you lots of wild edibles, as well as plants traditionally used in medicines, and poisonous plants to avoid.

What Is The Wild Food We Will Forage For?

What we forage depends on the season– but we’re often hunting for wild plants and herbs, as well as seaweeds, berries, nuts, and fungi.

Is Wild Food Better For You Than 'Normal' Food?

We certainly think so! Research demonstrates that they could be.  Wild foods have been shown to contain more anti-oxidants, are better for your heart, and contain more nutrients than cultivated foods. Plus the experience of foraging in the great outdoors has its own health benefits.

Come along on a foraging course and find out more!

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