Sea Adventures

Where we can get wet is where we are happiest, and our patch of Dorset’s Jurassic coastline is our playground. Whether in it, on it or under it, our adventures will have you exploring the sea and its shore as well as the life that inhabits it, so you can see the world from a different perspective.

We Offer


From on top of the water, by jumping aboard our kayaks and trusted steeds, we explore the sea and shore of Studland and the iconic Old Harry’s Rocks - examining the stacks, caves and arches like pirates have done before us as we go. If you fancy testing your balance this can all be done from a stand up paddleboard too (SUP).


Our beautiful location on Middle beach in Studland means we are the closest provider to Old Harry Rocks, a beautiful and iconic chalk stalk,  this ensures a scenic and sheltered journey to explore the sea stacks, caves and arches.

Kayak foraging

What’s in the water is also pretty darn exciting and we have some adventures that will get your tummies rumbling. We’ll investigate the life in our bay through identifying and collecting edible plants, seaweeds and foraging for shellfish and crabs as we set our shrimp and lobster pots. You’ll be brimming with knowledge on what to look out for along our shores as well as the all important preparation techniques.

Kayak fishing

We also happen to have some pretty nifty kayak fishing instructors on the Fore/adventure team so you're in the best hands to try and catch your lunch or dinner. We’ll be fishing off the kayaks using rods or handlines for delicious fresh fish such as black bream, seabass and mackerel which, if you can't wait to take home to cook, we can arrange a wild cooking session to cook up your fishy feast alfresco on the beach!


Under the water is a whole new world to be explored and from our shores and donning our snorkel and wetsuits you will be kitted out and set to explore it; from seaweeds to seahorses, crabs to cockles and everything in between.

Stand up paddleboarding

Journeying on our stand up paddleboards is like a magic carpet ride on the sea, if you ever wanted to tell your pals you walked on water then this is the adventure for you.


Half day activities are priced between £50-£80 per person and full days are £90-£140 per person and can be booked through the bookings page. Most of our kayak adventures are for age 12+ but if you are looking for a family adventure then head over to our small human page.

If you're looking for something extra special hop on over to our events page to see what we've got scheduled this year.

Bespoke options are priced according to group size and the scope of your adventure imagination- give us a bell for more information.

All of the equipment you need is provided and if the weather gods let us down and we have to cancel then we promise a full refund or a chance to rebook.