Bushcraft Course – Half Day Forest Adventure

Bushcraft Course – Half Day Forest Adventure Details

Bushcraft Course – Half Day Forest Adventure



3 Hours

Group Size: 8 (we can accommodate bespoke groups up to 16)

Age 12+

Great for families, individuals, groups

Location: Middle Beach, Studland

Suitable for anyone

Available: All year round

Please bring appropriate clothing and footwear

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Bushcraft Course – Half Day Forest Adventure Reviews

“Great fun foraging, building camp, firefighting in the wild, and lots more! Know your yarrow from your plantain and much more! Thanks, Kyle! We had a great time. Studland is a beautiful place.”

Dave K.

“My wife and I absolutely loved the day we spent with Fore adventures. Dan was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and we particularly enjoyed the foraging part of the day with the razor clams being a particular highlight.”

M. Slater

“I never knew a kife could be used for so many different things. The location was amazing and I could have happily taken up residence in our survival shelter for a week by the sea! Thank you Fore Adventure for an unforgettable experience.”

Max P

“You have awoken the boy scout inside of me. The whole group loved every minute of your bushcraft experience and we are arranging to all go camping in the woods together next summer. Thank you for the information, inspiration, and jolly good time.”

Matt Y

Bushcraft Course – Half Day Forest Adventure Questions

General Information

These half-day bushcraft courses are run in small groups with expert tuition from our bushcraft buffs. Join us in our private woodland area to learn survival skills that will enable you to have practical hands-on experience with the basics of bushcraft and survival under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

No prior experience is required for you to attend this course. This introductory course is an ideal starting point if you are wanting to develop your interest in bushcraft and for those who wish to try out a new hobby. If you already have some understanding of the concepts and techniques of bushcraft and survival this course can still help you to harness those skills and give you an opportunity to practice your techniques further with our instructors.

All courses can vary depending on the season but we can cover all the bushcraft essentials from shelter building to fire, water purification to plant and tree identification, tracks and signs, tool use, carving, and camp crafts.

Outdoor Survival Skills

On the half-day introduction course, we explore a variety of shelter-building techniques from natural thermal shelters to the use of tarps and paracord to rig up a home away from home.  Once your shelter is set up we explore one of the fundamentals of Bushcraft, fire lighting, enabling us to stay warm, cook and provide comfort.

We look at the main fire lighting methods and experiment with fire steels, as well as more conventional techniques involving matches and lighters. We cover the use of different tinders and kindling and explore the different burning qualities of a variety of woods as well as looking at different fire lays from cooking fires to fires built for warmth.

On this half-day course the bushcraft instructor will also teach you tool usage and safety techniques when using our knives and saws, you will be given a demonstration on how to effectively use these tools to complete a range of everyday woodland tasks and then set a task to complete with this new-found knowledge.


  • All of our Bushcraft sessions run from our Hutquarters in Studland.
  • Please arrive at our base in the car park 10 minutes before your adventure begins to ensure a savvy start as we, unfortunately, can’t hold the session if you are late.
  • After a short safety briefing, you will walk into the woodland site where to session takes place.
  • This trip is suitable for beginners and people who already have some bushcraft knowledge and want to practice techniques.

What To Bring

Bring clothes suitable for the seasons and the weather on the day. That means full waterproofs, sturdy covered footwear – walking/welly boots. Wear some old clothes due to brambles and fire lighting. Just remember that we will be outside no matter the weather!

Minimum Age / Pricing

  • £60pp (minimum age allowed is 12 years).
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Bespoke Options

  • The private intro to bushcraft courses are £480 for groups of up to 8. If your group is larger than 8 we can still accommodate you.
  • We can work with groups of up to 16 on half days. For larger groups, we run multiple groups of up to 8 at the same time to make up a larger group size. You will still need to book an entire group of up to 8 even if your group size is smaller than this.
  • The min age is 10+ on bespoke half days.
  • To book a bespoke trip select the book ‘entire activity’ button and this session will be booked privately for your group. Please contact us directly if there are not enough sessions available to book your entire group and we can check if we have availability to add more.

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