Kayak Wild Food Foraging, Fishing And Feasting

Kayak Wild Food Foraging, Fishing And Feasting

Experience a kayak wild food foraging, fishing, and feasting adventure. Our sea kayaks are the perfect vessel to explore those areas hard to reach on foot and source wild foods, to connect you with the outdoors and what it has to offer, not just with sustainable, fresh, wild, good food but for heart-warming (& heart pumping at times!) experiences that make enjoying your foraged food all the better!

The Best Location For kayak Wild Food Experiences

Join us in Studland on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset for a kayak wild food adventure that is unique and inspiring. Forage for sea vegetables from our kayaks and explore the majestic sights of Old Harry Rocks along the way. Explore caves and seek out edible seaweeds on top of our kayaks or below the surface with us hand-diving for wild food. You can get involved as much or as little as you like, we have a wide array of wild food adventures on offer.

We have vegan and vegetarian-friendly adventures that focus on plant life or for those of you who wish to fish and seek out crustaceans we have a selection of kayak fishing trips in Studland with our signature kayak fish and foraging events, well documented in the press and on ITV, Channel 4 and Sky. We’re experts in our field and have created unique and inspiring adventures that will fully immerse you in the outdoors and ignite a real passion for foraged foods.

Founder Dan Scott holds the highest sea kayak leadership award, the Advanced Sea Kayak Leader, and our instructors all hold their BC Paddle Sport Instructor and sea kayak award qualifications plus extensive in-house training.

Safety is our number one priority and we can guarantee that all our instructors are trained to industry standard best practices and hold National Governing body qualifications where applicable, to operate in line with our AALA license for coasteering and kayaking. As a WISE wildlife safe accredited operator you can rest assured that we work responsibly, without disturbing the wildlife and sealife and we forage sustainably and sensitively.

In the event of an incident, all of our guides carry personal locator beacons so that help will come straight away. Once activated, the signal is detected by a satellite and sent to a Mission Control Centre (MCC) where it is decoded and forwarded to the nearest Rescue Coordination Centre. Luckily we have never had to use them but we carry them so you are in the safest hands.

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Kayak Wild Food Foraging, Fishing And Feasting Recommendations

“The biggest fish I have ever caught from a kayak and it was nearly big enough to eat! Thank you Dan and crew for a wonderful morning kayak fishing. Even if we didn’t return with any fish we returned with some wonderful memories. thanks again”

Donny T

“Tasty, tasty fresh seafood – an incredible experience. I was completely immersed in nature and loved every moment.”

Sharon G

“My son and I did the kayak foraging- we had the most amazing time! Dan our host taught us so much about not only seaweeds but nettles and other shoreline plants too. Thank you so much, the wildlife and scenery were out of this world”

Charlotte TP

“Thank you for such a wonderful experience kayaking around and identifying edible wild foods, I’ll be back for the fishing, foraging and feasting experience next summer”

Jan K

Kayak Wild Food Foraging, Fishing And Feasting Questions

What Type Of Fishing Equipment Do You Use

For our Kayak Fishing trips, we use rods with either bait or lures. For our other sessions (Kayak Fishing And Foraging and Kayak Fishing, Foraging, and Feasting) we use hand lines, which are great for beginners and fishing on the move.

Is The Fishing And Foraging 'Sustainable'?

We manage our kayak fishing responsibly in a sustainable manner, fishing from a kayak has minimal ecological impact on the environment. We forage in a sustainable manner and teach these techniques in the courses.

Will We Get Out Of The Kayaks To Forage?

There is usually a mixture of foraging from the kayaks, and getting out on rocky beaches to forage.

Will We Be Making Food With The Fished And Foraged Ingedients?

Our Kayak Fishing, Foraging, and Feasting events include a meal and wild food demos. On our other sessions, you are welcome to take a small amount of forage home, and any fish you catch that meet the necessary specifications.

What Is The Suitability For Vegans, Vegetarians And Dietary Requirements?

We are able to provide options for vegans and vegetarians at our feasting events. Please be aware the fishing sessions will involve the catching of fish, and other living creatures. Our Kayak Foraging trip is vegan/vegetarian friendly as we only forage for plants in this session.

Will We Have To Kill The Fish?

No, you won’t have to kill a fish if you don’t want to. We have to release fish if they do not meet certain specifications (eg size) but fish that do meet the criteria can be taken back with us.

Do You Have A Menu For The Feasting Experience?

The menu changes based on the time of year, as we follow the seasons, what we can forage, and local produce. Please advise any dietary requirements when booking. Example menus from past events can be found on the blog.

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