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Choosing Your Perfect Outdoor Adventure Can Be Tricky

We provide over 30 different incredible sea and land adventures for all different ages, abilities, group sizes, and preferences. The majority of these are run from our Hutquaters in the stunning setting of Studland bay in Dorset.

Using these different outdoor adventure options, you could create hundreds of different combinations for the perfect day of activities. And that’s before you take into account our seasonal specials and unique outdoor events.

You could always contact us directly to discuss your requirements with our expert outdoor instructors.

To help you choose your perfect adventure we made the adventure selector below to make life a little easier if you are unsure of what adventures are most suitable.

How To Use The Outdoor Adventure Selector

  1. Choose your adventure type – Sea, Land or Both
  2. Choose your desired duration from 2 hours to 2 days
  3. Choose the minimum age required from 4 to 18+ years old
  4. Choose the minimum experience level required from Beginner to Advanced (select beginner if you are unsure)

The outdoor adventure selector will then provide you with appropriate recommendations for our outdoor activities with some basic information.

Please click the ‘More’ button to see the web page specifically dedicated to that particular activity with more information and booking details.

N.B. It can be useful to ‘play around’ with your choices to see a greater number of options

Outdoor Adventure Selector

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