Why is it important for children to learn outside?

There are so many benefits to outdoor learning- proven by science! It may not come as much of a surprise, but we at Fore Adventure love being outdoors and we believe everyone, especially children, should spend as much time in nature as possible. Here we’ve listed 5 reasons we think kids should engage in learning in the great outdoors:

Risk Assessing

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Roald Dahl once said, “The more risks you allow children to take, the better they learn to take care of themselves.” Whether they are out at sea on a kayak, lighting a fire in the woods, or simply playing in the great outdoors, The benefits of outdoor learning are that kids can take risks, and figure out for themselves how to stay safe. This develops important skills for life.

Teamwork And Communication

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Nothing gets two people communicating like being on a double kayak together! Even just padding in a straight line requires both paddlers to work together and talk to each other. The best tandem paddlers are those that are constantly communicating and working together toward the same goal. It’s not always as easy as it seems! Tandem kayaking encourages these vital skills in kids in a really fun way.

Problem Solving

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Bushcraft sessions provide the perfect opportunity to use those brain cells and solve the problems presented to us by mother nature. Shelter building, fire lighting, identifying different plants and trees, using tools safely. Nothing makes you feel more at one with the earth than using natural resources to survive the woodland environment!

Appreciating Nature

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It’s so important to instill a love and appreciation of the natural world in our kids, they’re the ones who’ll be looking after the world in the future. Foraging is the perfect way to engage with nature and learn more about it, what’s safe, what isn’t and what we can use for food or medicine. It’ll get them eating their greens!

Positive Health Benefits

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One of the biggest benefits of outdoor learning! Aside from the obvious physical health benefits of allowing children to run, climb, play and explore in the outdoors away from phones and tablets and other technology, the outdoors allows children to develop their mental wellbeing. They can become resilient and feel a healthy range of emotions. Time away from the classroom develops these skills in a brand new way.

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Don’t take our word for it, find out for yourself! Discover the many benefits of outdoor learning. We run loads of family friendly activities as well as children’s activity days, all designed to ensure your kids enjoy the outdoors (and maybe learn a little something too!)

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