Your Essential Overnight Adventure Kit List

No matter how big or small the adventure, having the right kit with you can be the difference between an unforgettable experience and an adventure you’d rather forget! So wherever your next escapade takes you- the rugged wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, your local campsite, or even the beautiful Dorset Coast… We’ve got your Overnight Adventure Kit List covered!

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Check out how we like to stay Warm and Cosy, our favourite Camp Essentials, and how we stay Well Fed:

Overnight Adventure Kit List, Stay Warm And Cosy


Having the right clothes next to your skin can make all the difference. So whether you’re battling the elements on a hike, or snuggled next to the campfire, a good base layer will keep you comfy. We like these from Helly Hansen.

Woolly Hat

Cover chilly ears with a wooly hat! We like merino because it’s snug and warm, so we love this hat from Finisterre as it’s sustainably sourced from fully traceable Australian farms.

Tarps And Sleeping Mat

Getting a decent night’s makes all the difference on overnight adventures. We like setting up a tarp to make the most of starlit nights and sunrise views, with a comfy sleeping mat so we wake up well rested and ready for the day!

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Camp Essentials


Whatever the time of year, there’s always delicious foods to be gathered from the natural world if you know where to look. Take this pocket sized foraging book with you and boost your campfire meals with something tasty!

Head Torch

Just because the sun has set doesn’t mean the adventure’s come to an end! Head torches are great because they leave your hands free and are the ideal companion on your night hike, or for finding whatever you’ve lost in the bottom of the rucksack!


Essential for all those little jobs, a good swiss army knife can help with everything from foraging to cooking to bushcraft!

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Overnight Adventure Kit List To Stay Well Fed


If you’re anything like certain members of the Fore Adventure clan, you can’t start your adventure until you’ve had your coffee! Aeropress makes making delicious, fresh coffee anywhere an absolute breeze!

Since you’ll want to stay warm all day, it’s worth investing in a good insulated mug. Then all you have to do is find a great view, kick back and enjoy!

Small Stove And Pots

Save on valuable space in your rucksack by investing in a lightweight stove. These simply screw into a gas canister and allow you to quickly and easily cook up a storm. Don’t forget your pots!

Fire Ready Food

Obviously, at the end of a long day of exploring and adventuring the only thing we want is a comforting bowl of something delicious! Indeed it’s even better if we can just add water and chow down! We like Fire Pot Food because it’s healthy, delicious and made locally in Dorset.

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Put Your Overnight Adventure Kit List To The Test And Join Us On An Adventure!

We get up to a multitude of exciting adventures in Studland. You might find us paddleboarding in the calm, sheltered bay or kayaking around Old Harry Rocks. Alternatively we might be getting our hands dirty in the woods, or feasting on foraged delights!

Additionally, we have specially designed weekend adventures, find out more!

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