Friday Foraged Recipe #2 | Nettle & Mint Tea

Aug 29, 2014 | Foraging And Feasting

First things first… its immune boosting, anti viral and anti inflammatory. What else could you want? Mint Tea is brilliant for us…or so they say. Additionally add this to nettles and the list seems endless.. Useful for arthritis and chronic myalgia. Or effectively treating gout, relieving muscle aches and helping the symptoms of arthritis. There are many types of mint that you can forage in the UK. So take yourself for a walk. Forage these simple ingredients and brew yourself a cup of delicious nettle and mint tea! Consequently it only take a couple of minutes and you will love it. We promise you. Subsequently it’s one of our favourite quick forage and quick recipes to make.

mint identificationstinging nettlesmint and nettle leaves

Time: 5 minutes (+foraging)*

*Stinging nettles called so for a reason, it might be savvy to wear a pair of gloves for this forage

Makes: A pot of tea

Ingredients for Mint Tea:


Half a cup of mint leaves

Half a cup of nettle leaves

Boiling water


How to:


  1. Firstly pop the kettle on


  1. Then put your foraged leaves into your tea pot


  1. After pour on the boiled water and leave to stew for a couple of minutes (longer for a stronger cup)


  1. Consequently grab your favourite mug , pour in your home-made brew and take a gleeful sip on that


The identification is an easy one… nettles because we all know what a stinging nettle looks like. Consequently from making silly mistakes as a child and running into them. And mint is easily recognisable from the delicious smell.

mint tea with nettlesmint tea

Grab a book, sit in the spring summer sun and enjoy a good cuppa. Sit back knowing that this nettle and mint tea is going to do you the world of good! Plus you definitely have earned it. If you would like to learn more… Join us on a foraging walk. Click the link. We’d love to meet you and show you the ropes of foraging.

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