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Feb 21, 2023 | Land Adventures, Bushcraft, Outdoor Adventure Safety

Picture the scene, you’re sitting somewhere beautiful, perhaps admiring a stunning sunset, or watching waves dramatically crash against the base of the cliffs below you. Maybe you’re deep in the woods, or even just camped out in your back garden. Surely nothing could improve this moment? Wrong! A simple snack, prepared and cooked outside elevates any adventure to something super special.

Maybe we just love food, but experience has shown us that eating makes us happy!

Let us show you how to cook outside, and get more from your adventures!

fish cooking on an outdoor BBQ

Gas stove

Light, easy to use and won’t cost you the earth, a simple gas stove can make heating up some tasty soup, warming through a tin of beans or making that all important cup of coffee incredibly easy. We like this one from Alpkit,  or something similar from MSR, as it packs down incredibly small and weighs next to nothing. Paired with a small gas bottle, it gives an easy but effective way of getting some warm food sorted easily.

cooking outdoors on a gas stove

Pizza oven

Maybe more glamping than camping, but we love a wood fired pizza oven! It’s a great way to get the whole family involved and feeling more connected to the food they’re eating by being able to make their own choices about design and toppings. Why not take it even further and forage a few wild herbs as toppings or garnish? We use Ooni Pizza ovens at our Foraging and Wild Pizza Workshops, but we’ve had equal success with ovens from places like Aldi.

Wood stove

When we want to channel our inner Bear Grylls, or just make the most of the natural resources around us, there’s nothing like a campfire! The problem is, it’s not always easy, safe or sensible to light fires on the ground, so we love these little wood stoves. All the benefits of cooking on open fire, with the convenience and safety of a proper stove.

We use this version from Alpkit in our Bushcraft sessions, but we also love this version from Bush Box.

cooking on a portable wood stove on the beach

Open fire

If you’re lucky enough to have a fire pit, or a place where it is safe and legal for you to light an open fire, this can be an awesome way to create a feast!

There are tons of techniques you can use to cook over a fire, whether you create a stand to hang a pot over the fire, pin bacon or fish to a plank, or get yourself a nifty sandwich/pie maker like this, it really is true that it tastes better from the fire!

Want to learn more? We run Bushcraft, Foraging and Wild Food adventures in stunning Studland.


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