How to Keep Adventuring in the Winter

Apr 9, 2023 | Family Adventures, Foraging And Feasting, Bushcraft

The weather doesn’t have to stop our winter adventures!  You sure won’t find us hunkering down inside with a fire and a hot chocolate (well, not all the time anyway!) because we love being outside and making the most of what every season gives us!

So what can you get up to in the great outdoors in the Autumn and Winter?


We don’t know what it is about Bushcraft; the crackling fire, being immersed in the woods, the crisp morning air… It’s the perfect winter activity to get you engaging with nature and learning something new!

Get primal and light a fire using only what you find in your woodland environment. Gather birch bark, dried ferns and leaves, sticks and branches and soon you’ll be able to cook food, boil water or simply stay warm!

winter adventures fire lighting bushcraft

Bushcraft is also a great opportunity to fine tune your skills with typical tools such as saws and knives. These are essential for most bushcraft activities so it’s important you feel confident to safely use these tools.

bushcraft knife woodland dorset

Kids love building a shelter or a den, either out of branches and sticks they can find on the ground, or by learning new knot skills and experimenting with tarps and groundsheets. A shelter made in the woods is the playground for little minds and big imaginations!

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Winter Walking Adventures

Nothing beats getting out and exploring somewhere new (or somewhere old!) in the Autumn or Winter. Wrap up warm and take a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate and make the most of the peace and quiet of the cooler months. Why not check out our favourite walks in Studland or learn a new skill and forage as you walk.

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While you’re exploring the countryside or coast you can pick up some great foodie treasures during your winter adventures.

In Autumn We Can Often Find And Forage:

Blackberries are probably every child’s first forage. Sweet blackberries can be taken home and made into crumbles, cheesecakes, and jams- or more often gobbled straight from the hedgerow!

Nettles are easy to identify, not so easy to pick! Nettles are super versatile in the kitchen, make soup, risotto or pesto. Maybe pick some dock leaves as well, just in case!

Acorns are abundant and easy to identify. Experts say nuts are harder work to forage and eat than fruits and plants, and acorns are no different! They contain bitter tannins, so acorns must be leached before they’re cooked or eaten.

winter adventures family foraging berries children

In Winter We Can Often Find And Forage:

Enjoy a winter adventure amongst the hedgerows, woodland and countryside near you and look out for:

Conifer Needles are an unlikely, but common, wild food with incredible medicinal properties. Grab a handful and make pine needle tea for a healthy dose of immune-boosting vitamin C, always appreciated in ‘cold’ season!!

Chestnuts are a classic winter forage, especially at Christmas! Roast them (preferably on an open fire!) and enjoy by adding to your Christmas stuffing, or candying them for a sweet festive treat.

Sloe berries are the blue-black fruit of the Blackthorn tree and are tart and acidic. Great for making sloe gin to be given as a Christmas gift- or enjoyed yourself!

Discover Winter Adventures With Us

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Want to get hands on in our beautiful patch in Studland? Join us round the fire for some bushcraft practice or gather your own tasty morsels on a foraging walk.

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