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Mar 10, 2015 | Family Adventures, Group Adventures, Children's Adventure Days, Outdoor Adventure Birthday Parties

With 3 small humans on board, there’s always an outdoor birthday party on our to do list! Luckily for us we have access to oodles of woodland here in Dorset. Plus, enough bug boxes to set up a mini beast hotel and no shortage of hiding places for treasure hunts! So here’s one we did earlier for our own small humans.

kids fun outdoor activities birthday party

Read on to find out more about our forest themed outdoor birthday party! It’s suitable for any child who isn’t scared of sporting muddy knees with their party outfit…!

outdoor birthday party fore adventure dorset woodland forest

Bug Hunting!

If you follow us on instagram you will know our daughters are pretty feral! Therefore, you won’t be surprised that hunting for bugs came high on the list for outdoor birthday party games! This is such a brilliant way to entertain children and to help them learn about nature and respect the environment. All you need is some magnifying glasses and bug boxes. We also give them a print out list of bugs they are likely to find and away they go! Poking around in tree roots, scouring under dead wood and lifting stones to find beasties to share with their friends. Be sure to put the bugs back where they came from and their homes the right way up again!

bug hunt dorset kids family fun

bug hunt kids children activities woodland forest school

Outdoor Birthday Party Shelter Building

If you’ve ever been in the woods with children you will know there is no chance of getting very far without someone picking up a stick! It’s a natural way to explore their surroundings, it’s armour, a tool, a sword, or the beginnings of a shelter. Den building is one of our favourite activities at forest and beach school and it goes down a storm with the children too! There are so many methods, but for an easy shelter use rope between 2 trees to hang a tarpaulin over. Alternatively prop a long branch up against a tree and use smaller sticks to create sides, lay down a tarp on the ground and there you have it! Home sweet home! Shelters are great for eating lunch in (and for catching the outdoor birthday party cake crumbs!)

childrens activity dorset woodland forest family fun

Forest Treasure Hunt

No outdoor birthday party is complete without a treasure hunt! Our girls are still quite little so we use coloured balloons for them to find that lead to the treasure. Finding the balloons in colour order which works well for small children. However, clues are a great way to keep older ones engaged for longer. Wrap up chocolate coins in coloured tissue paper in a pirates treasure chest! Moreover, this makes for a great alternative to party bags.

treasure hunt scavenger dorset kids family fun outdoor birthday party

And More…

These are just a few ideas but the list of fun happenings for an outdoor birthday party is a long one. Scavenger hunts are a great way to explore and engage with nature. Make plaster of paris moulds of tracks or fill holes with your treasure and pour in to set what you find. Wild art is also a firm favourite! Why not make natural dyes and paints with berries and mud for a crafty party with a difference? Or wreaths with willow and goodies form a treasure hunt of the natural kind.

outdoor birthday party fore adventure kids children

Put your DT skills to the test and try some woodwork with the children to make artifacts! We use palm drills with them to drill holes in the wood and then thread string through to make necklaces or belts. Lastly, it’s always nice to end on a full belly, so see what goodies you can forage! Take your bounty back to camp to make up simple bread on the fire, or finish your outdoor birthday party with a traditional marshmallow toasting ceremony!

bushcraft bread kids activity dorset fire food

bushcraft bread fire cooking activity kids family

Sound Good?

We love seeing your stories and adventures, do keep sharing with us and tag #lifethroughadventure – there might even be a few ideas of yours to steal for our next bash….

Pssssssst….our forest school and beach school open sessions are priced at £25pp for a half day, or we can tailor make an outdoor birthday party especially for you, to suit your child’s interests, there are so many great ways for your children to have a #wildtime at their party. Furthermore, bespoke options are available for families, parties or gaggles of small humans and are priced according to group size, timings and the scope of your adventure imagination – give us a bell for more information.

* With thanks to the very lovely Kara Guppy for some of the pics!


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