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Nov 22, 2016 | Foraging And Feasting, Wild Food Recipies

So Autumn is drawing to a close.  The trees around hutquarters are getting barer by the minute.  And the last of the nuts and berries are hanging on for dear life. One of our fave festive fruits is the royal rosehip.  But as delicious as it is, there really is only so much syrup one can make with them.  So this month we thought we would give this hip a nurturing role in the Fore household.  By creating our very own Rosehip oil.

rosehip buds


Rosehips are packed with Vitamins and antioxidants.  Which are super special and kind for your skin.  Subsequently the colder months are always that much harsher to ours.  Out in the cold so we thought a little pick me up would be the ticket and right we were!

We used Almond oil as the base for this recipe.  As it is naturally high in Vitamin E.  Which is a wonderful antioxidant, combating free radicals that cause damage and UV radiation. It is also rich in fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc.  As well as many other vitamins.  Thus a good base on its own to keep your skin healthy before you even add the wonders of rosehips to it.

Rosehips have everything that almond has in abundance.  As well as heaps of Vitamin C & A so these two together are great mates. The Vitamin C stimulates collagen production.  Vitamin A improve the moisture level of your skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Thus helping to reduce scarring and promote skin regeneration.

Apply to the face once to twice a day as part of your daily routine and allow it to absorb in.

book recipe

jar oil

rosehip oil jar

Rosehip Oil Recipe

Time:   5 minutes to prepare & 1 week to infuse

Makes: 1 Jam Jar


1/3 jar rosehip

2/3 jar sweet almond oil


Chop your rosehips and fill one third of a jar

Fill the remainder with the sweet almond oil

Seal the jar and leave in a warm airing cupboard for one week.

Sieve the contents of the jar through a muslin and pour into airtight container

Store in a dark cupboard or in a dark bottle.


So there you have it, a hand crafted oil that’s gentle on your pocket and your face. Why not give out your handmade rosehip oil in mini bottles at Christmas.  Or as part of a handcrafted natural hamper. Look out for our other hamper ideas coming up soon, (hope you’ve got the sloe gin on the go already…!)

natural christmas gift


If you want to learn how to seek out this wild edible and others.  Why not join us on one of our foraging courses.  Scour the seashore for sea weeds, sea vegetables and hunt amongst the hedgerows with us for hips, haws & more.


On our courses we will be teaching our wild ways & sharing our knowledge.  Including how to identify, harvest & prepare green goodies for the feasting.  Then you will see for yourselves how wonderful it is. See our calendar of events on our booking page.  Or give us a shout to find out more about upcoming foraging events.  There are courses, foraged feasts and wild food retreats in Dorset.

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