5 Reasons To Get Outside For Your Next Team Building Session

Nov 1, 2022 | Foraging And Feasting, Bushcraft, Forage And Feast, Group Adventures, Team Building, Corporate And Group Adventures, Adventure Inspiration

Corporate team building, team away day, team bonding… Whatever you call it, it’s a really important part of having a happy and hardworking workforce. We believe the best place to do it is right here in Dorset!

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You’ll See A Different Side To Your Team:

Chances are, you know your team pretty well in your work environment. You know their strengths and the things that challenge them at work, but this isn’t always the whole story. Taking your team away from the office and their work ‘comfort zone’ can reveal whole new sides to your employee’s personalities. Get them out of the office and see who your team really are!

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It Will Improve Communication:

Getting back to basics in the great outdoors can help improve your team’s communication skills. Whether you’re kayaking our beautiful coast or foraging for an amazing meal, your team will naturally hone those vital communication skills- which they’ll take with them back to work!

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Develop Problem Solving Skills:

Problem solving in the outdoors is unique- you’re faced with challenges that are totally different to what you’re used to. This can help you use the skills you already have in a different way. This makes the outdoors the perfect setting to develop your team and have fun while doing it!

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Give A Morale Boost:

We know from our own adventures that being outside can be a great boost to mental health and wellbeing- so the same will apply to your staff! It’s been proven that being in green and blue natural spaces can improve serotonin levels, so inspire your employees by getting them out in our stunning coastlines and serene woodlands.

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Invest In Your People, And They’ll Reward You:

While taking your team out of the office might not be top of your priorities, if you invest in a great package, your employees are likely to reward you by being more productive and happier- which benefits everyone in the long run!

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How To Get Outside With Your Team:

Our Forage, Fire and Feast package allows you to reap the benefits of an awesome activity with your staff while soaking in the amazing surroundings we have at our special spot in Studland, Dorset.

forage feast sea view team away days

We’ve also got plenty of outdoor adventure options for your team. With options for watersports, foraging, bushcraft and more, we can cater to all. Check out our bespoke options we can help create your perfect day.

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