Top 5 Places to Snorkel in Dorset

Jun 21, 2022 | Sea Adventures, Sea Snorkelling

Snorkelling in Dorset is an awesome and accessible way to get to see the amazing landscape beneath the waves! Snorkelling requires minimal kit, and you can pick up a snorkel and mask relatively cheaply, you’ll soon be ready to go!

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Here we’ve picked our top 5 favourite snorkelling spots in Dorset, so what are you waiting for?

Snorkelling In Dorset – Pondfield Cove / Worbarrow Bay

Take a walk down to the sea from Tyneham Village- evacuated in 1943, this ghost village is great for exploring. You’ll discover beautiful Worbarrow Bay, and neighbouring Pondfield Cove. Pondfield Cove features a chalk cave and beautiful clear water, you’ll spot some great seaweeds here.

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Swanage Pier

Easy access to the water and plenty of interesting things to see makes this spot brilliant for kids. The shade from the pier creates a low light area meaning more unusual things to see such as anemones and sponges. The pier is also a popular crabbing spot, so there’s plenty to do and see here, why not find out more!

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One of the most popular destinations for snorkelling in Dorset. The flat, shelf-like bay at Kimmeridge is perfect for making the most of your time in the water. During the summer months a snorkel ‘trail’ is marked by buoys set up by the Dorset Wildlife Trust, who can give you a map and advice on snorkelling this beautiful bay.

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Studland Bay

With shallow, calm, sheltered waters, Studland Bay is a brilliant spot. Take a dip at Redend Point or walk to the end of South Beach to snorkel at the base of the famous chalk cliffs. A haven for wildlife, Studland gives snorkellers the opportunity to see all sorts of wildlife. Spider crabs, grey mullet, pipefish all live here, as well as protected seahorses.

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Snorkelling In Dorset – Old Harry Rocks

We are most certainly biased about Old Harry Rocks! However, we think you’ll agree there’s something magical about dipping into crystal clear water below epic chalk cliffs. Explore coves and caves and sea stacks that were once visited by pirates and smugglers! As if the above water sights weren’t enough, below the water there’s the chance to see fantastic species of seaweed, as well as fish and anemones.

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While you’re making the most of snorkelling in Dorset, why not join us for an adventure in sunny Studland? We’ll show you the sights and tell you all about the marine life under the surface…

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