Top 5 SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Safety Tips

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is amazing fun. But to make sure it stays fun for all the family, follow the safety tips below.

Wear a Buoyancy Whilst Stand Up Paddle Boarding: 

Always wear a buoyancy aid, even if you are a strong swimmer. In emergency situations this will be a life saver! They aren’t tremendously expensive kit, and they will help if you get into trouble in the water. You may be surprised how quickly tiredness kicks in, or if you are injured you’ll be thanking yourself. 

introduction to paddleboarding in dorset

Tell Someone Where You are:

It’s a great idea to tell someone where you are going and when you are expecting to be off the water. Additionally you can tell them what to do if they don’t hear from you by that time and your journey plan. So that the coastguard know where to look for you. Please make it clear that this someone is not expected to save you themselves, but just inform the coastguard / RNLI that you have not returned yet and your paddle route plan. Do make sure you have the time on you though and stick to it otherwise you will worry your friend! You could even tell the coastguard your plan, but do make sure you call to tell them you are back safe on dry land.

Communications Before, During and After your SUP Adventure:

Take a waterproofed phone! Then if you need to you can contact people. A change of route perhaps… or the RNLI or coastguard if you get into difficulty. Other kayak safety kit like Personal Locator Beacons and GPS trackers are available, why not seek further guidance from the RNLI.

If you are looking for where to explore on your sup in Dorset read our guide. We have created a blog with the best places to go stand up paddleboarding in Dorset here.

Think About Where Your SUP Leash Is Attached:

Do think about where your leash attaches. It is a good idea to wear your leash so that you don’t become separated from your board. However, if you are Stand Up Paddle Boarding in a river for example. You may decide that the leash attached to your ankle is an entrapment issue, as you pass branches under the water etc. For river Stand Up Paddle Boarding many people decide to attach their leash on a quick release around their waist. Subsequently you can reach it easier and detach your self if this was necessary.

There’s loads more guidance online. The following links are for kayak safety, however give it a read it still useful for Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Info on the Go Paddling website.

paddle boarding with a safety leash

Be Warm Whilst Stand Up Paddle Boarding:

Think about the options you have and the weather and sea conditions you are going out in. A wetsuit may be a good decision if you may fall in a lot or if it’s not a particularly hot day or warm sea. A dry suit is a fantastic idea for the cooler months! Or shorts and t-shirt could be a consideration on a hot summers day with flat water. Also consider the colour so that you can be seen in an emergency situation. A top tip is to take a cag (cagoule) with you in a dry bag, it blocks out the wind if needed .Extra warm clothes packed. And always take snacks, who could complain at snacks? Additionally a hot flask of something yummy, for if you get cold. Always stay hydrated, especially on those hot summer days!

If you need some Stand up paddeboarding inspiration to get you started then read our blog about Fiona Quinn. Fiona set herself the challenge to paddle from Land’s End to John O’Groats !

stand up paddleboarding in studland dorset

stand up paddleboarding at studland bay

If you have any questions or safety enquiries… Come join us on one of our SUP Stand Up Paddle Boarding courses in studland and our instructors will be happy to help you and guide you.


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  1. Tam Ross

    Over the past month, I have changed into Stand Up Paddle, and boy it may look easy, but it’s essential to keep SUP safety in mind. Thanks for these safety tips!


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