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Proper wetsuit care isn’t costly or difficult, but it’s pretty important. We love wetsuits! They keep us warm and protected and allow us to do all sorts of activities year round, like kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, surfing and more.

As with so much outdoor kit, it’s worth investing your time to take care of your wetsuit, it’ll help the planet as well as your wallet!

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What Can Damage My Wetsuit?

Saltwater and chlorine can damage wetsuits, so you should always rinse your suit with freshwater after use. We find dunking in a bucket of water is better than spraying down with a hose or shower. You can buy wetsuit cleaning fluids, but most wetsuit manufacturers recommend using just fresh water.

UV can damage your suit too, so make sure you hang it to dry out of the sun. Definitely avoid radiators or other hot surfaces. We hang our wetsuits inside out to dry- meaning it’s easier and more pleasant to put on next time!

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All suits are susceptible to damage from things like rocks and even fingernails. Be extra careful when putting it on or taking it off, especially thinner swimming wetsuits.

How To Care For Your Wetsuit

Even with great wetsuit care, accidents happen. If your wetsuit becomes damaged you have a few options. Best case scenario is, if it’s still in warranty, to send it back to the manufacturer for repair. Getting a wetsuit professionally repaired can be a good option, as it’ll be a cheaper option than buying a new suit. Generally speaking tears on the zip, or larger than about an inch, should be looked at by a professional.

If the damage is small, it’s possible to repair yourself. Small holes and tears are quite common and there are plenty of good wetsuit glues and cements on the market. Be sure you use proper wetsuit glue and follow the instructions carefully. Suits often come with a small square of spare neoprene (often to protect the suit from the zip in transit) so it’s worth holding on to this for repairs.

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Looking To The Future Of Wetsuit Care

Looking after your suit and repairing appropriately can save you money and the environment.

Neoprene has never really been widely recycled, and it can be difficult to make sustainable choices when it comes to wetsuits, but there are new options all the time.

Check out what to do with old wetsuits, as well as products made from retired suits.

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