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An activity that conquers sea, shore, and stomach. Kayak fish forage and feast as you explore the epic stacks of Old Harry Rocks, before sitting down to a meal bursting with foraged goodness and local produce.

We were super fortunate to have Visit Britain join us for this adventure- they’re highlighting Dorset as an awesome destination for visitors, and we quite agree!

kayak fish forage dorset sea

Kayak Fish Forage Feast

Once everyone has their kit, including helmets, buoyancy aids, and wetsuits, we can make our way to the beach. After a short safety briefing, and fishing gear demo, we’re on the water! On these sessions we use hand lines for trolling (or pulling) behind our double kayaks. Furthermore, surface popping lures are our kit of choice- easy and simple to use and effective for the sea bass we’re keen to catch. Paddling out towards the rocks, fishing along the way, we take in the awesome sights. We forage for seaweeds along the way, such as serrated wrack and bladder wrack, both of which we can eat straight from the sea. Sea spaghetti is also gathered, a seaweed best used in place of pasta or noodles, but for our feast it will feature with the roasted potatoes!

kayak forage seaweed cliffs old harry rocks

Plenty more foraging takes place on the water- we gather more seaweeds including sea lettuce, as well as coastal plants such as orache and sea beet which will feature in the starter of our feast. Rock samphire is also gathered, this punchy-tasting herb is a member of the carrot family and is just as at home in a G&T as it is in a tartar sauce!

Back On Dry Land

After a couple of hours of kayaking, fishing, and foraging, it’s time to dry off and get dressed for a short foraging walk. As well as exploring Studland a little further, we discover what is in season, and what will feature in the upcoming feast. Amongst the forage are Rosehips, prolific at this time of year, easy to identify and super high in vitamin C. A super forage! Additionally, we also discover sorrel, jack by the hedge and yarrow- another handy forage. Yarrow is historically a medicinal plant- used in the past by soldiers to staunch wounds. Today, however, it features as part of our starter!

forage dorset coast sea studland basket sweet chestnut

It simply wouldn’t be a feast without dessert- and today’s offering features blackberries. Blackberries are probably most people’s first forage, rarely making it all the way home! Alongside the blackberries are elderberries- one of the world’s most commonly used medicinal plants. Popular as a cold and flu remedy, elderberries are high in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Foraged Feast

foraged feast dorset

Wrapping up a successful foraging walk- we head to our secret seaside feast location where a refreshing welcome drink awaits. Shortly after, our chef demonstrates a summer roll- using rice paper, crab and a variety of vegetables. Everyone mucks in, making their own starters with our fresh, local and foraged ingredients. Our forage here includes sea lettuce, orache, sea beet, rock samphire and yarrow. Paired with a tasty chili dipping sauce, the feast is off to a good start.

Finally, as the main course served, everyone takes their seats inside our cricket pavilion for the main course and dessert. Read on for the full menu…


Welcome Drink

Rhubarb and Rosehip cordial

foraged cordial drink mocktail event dorset


Summer rolls with crab and veg including foraged sea lettuce, orache, sea beet, rock samphire and yarrow.

Visit Britain Dorset

Main Course

Hake fillets on crushed potatoes with sea spaghetti seaweed. Served with cockles & parsley, jack by hedge salsa verde. Garnished with sea purslane & samphire

hake cockles seaweed foraged feast dorset

And for the vegetarians, Roasted veg & halloumi stack with salsa verde. Garnish of sea purslane & samphire.


Lastly, Elderberry & Blackberry cheesecake, garnished with blackberries & mint.

elderberry blackberry cheesecake

Kayak Fish Forage Feast With Us

Fancy joining us? We run Kayak Fish Forage Feast throughout the season (usually May-October) as well as for private groups. Find out more here.


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