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Apr 7, 2015 | Family Adventures, Guest Experts Posts

Camp Bestival:

All it takes is a spot of sunshine and the talk at fore hutquarters turns to festival season…. It really doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago that we were packing up our tools and decamping to Lulworth last July. To join project wildthing in the dingly dell at Camp Bestival but it was nearly a year ago!

festival family lulworth castle

Things are hotting up again in anticipation of this year. Subsequently we are super excited about an even wilder, wild theme that we have been plotting activities for.  After much secret squirrel talk amongst the team we can now reveal that we are going back to camp this year. With even more up our sleeves, from bushcraft, to foraging walks, lakeside picnics and forest school fun. Trust us you wanna be getting your share of this!

To celebrate all this heel kicking news there can be no better way to get a flavour of what’s to come this year than talking to the man himself, Rob Da Bank;

Rob da bank Bestival

F/A: Rob, for those that don’t know you give em’ a little intro:

R: Yo people! I’m Rob da Bank and I’m a jack of all trades, master of none! I run festivals, a record label, do radio shows. DJ or at least put one record on after another and am a dad of 3 lovely little chaps too.. so I’m fairly busy.


F/A: Pre babes we loved kicking over the traces at Bestival. These days camp bestival is pitched (excuse the pun) to perfection for us and our tribe. What was the creative spark for curating a family friendly festival?


R: Well biology made us start camp bestival! As soon as Mrs Da Bank got up the duff we started worrying about taking our little ones. To the crazy hedonism of bestival so we thought sod it lets start a family friendly version. We didn’t know we’d start a whole new genre of family festivals but we’re very proud of camp. And probably love it even more than bestival..but that’s a secret so don’t tell anyone else.


F/A: We are Dorset dwellers and love everything it entails. What made you choose this county and Lulworth as a location for Camp Bestival?


R: You were the only ones who’d have us! No not reall. We obviously have bestival in hampsire/isle of wight so needed a bit of space. But still wanted a beautiful natural site which Lulworth possesses. Additionally the whole Jurassic Coast heritage and history of the castle is so perfect you couldn’t make it up! Dorset is a fabulous place for family trips and holidays. So we invented the fest-holiday for people who wanna do a festival and then carry on with their hols in a lovely county.


F/A: We love the sound of nature but come campfire o’clock we love to kick back to some lazy beats. What’s the soundtrack to your campfire?


R: Ah well that changes daily and depending on who’s listening – sometimes we’re a raucous clan. Sometimes a bit more peaceable.. Nick Drake, Bob Marley, Air, Laura Marling, Gruff Rhys and a smattering of Chuck Berry. And The Flaming Lips would all be welcome at our fire moshpit.

bestival camp adventure

F/A: A day best spent with our smalls ends with muddy knees and rosy cheeks. What’s your favourite family adventure to have with your wee ones?


R: Yes I like those days too.. We live in the middle of nowhere with acres of land to explore. So we love beach combing, climbing trees and examining worms and bugs. We’ve only been out the city for 3 years but we all know we feel more at home with the wind in our faces and grass under our feet. If I don’t see the sea for 2 days I start to feel a bit seasick.

muddy knees family adventure

F/A: This years wild theme is right up our alley. What inspired you to go wild and what can people expect that will be different from years gone by?


R: Well we were gradually moving towards that theme for a while. And it’s a natural fit our beautiful site and the crazy families who turn up and inhabit it. Even when we change themes next year we will keep an undercurrent of that wild side. hope you can join us! x

camp lulworth castle

Thanks Rob roll on summer….

Psssssssst…One of the highlights of last years festival for us was the 50 things star gazing event. We ran with the National Trust and it must have been one of your faves too because it’s back by popular demand! Last years spaces went like hot cakes so make sure you keep your eyes peeled on twitter and facebook for when the tickets go live. They’re free but there is a limited amount, and when they’re gone they’re well and truely gone…so don’t miss your chance to join us this year!


* thanks to getinvolved and graphite media for the images


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