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Oct 24, 2019 | Sea Adventures, Kayaking Adventures, Sea Kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding, BC Sea Kayak Course

If you’re looking to start your journey into the world of kayaking, British Canoeing Paddle Awards are a great place to begin. Develop confidence, have fun, gain important skills and understand your next steps in the world of paddlesport.

The new British Canoeing awards have gone through a name change. And have been rewritten to create a framework that better represents and supports. And improves the different abilities within the paddling community. To allow kayakers to operate at different levels. Ranging from sheltered to advanced water environments for kayaking.

Our Instructors British Canoeing / Kayaking Awards:

Our instructors are all qualified paddlesport coaches. Who have been through the awards system and can help you gain your British canoeing awards too. Our Founder Dan Scott has recently just been awarded his Advanced Sea Kayak Leader Award. So with our range of paddlesport coaches we are able to offer British Canoeing courses from the beginning of your journey. To help you progress all the way through to paddling in more advanced tidal conditions.

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British Canoeing Paddle Start Award – Half Day Course £50pp:

If you are new to the sport and want to learn the basics this is the place to start. The Paddle Start Award aims to provide you with the knowledge to enable you to safely get in and out of your boat, make it move and return to your start point.

The first stage of the Paddle Awards aims to make you feel safe and confident. Getting in and out of your boat, learning some basic strokes to get you moving around. This can generally be achieved in a short session on the water with us.

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British Canoeing Paddle Discover Award – Full Day Course £100pp:

New for 2019 – This course has been designed to replace the British Canoeing 1 star. As a result you will learn more about choosing and using your equipment. Develop your decision making and practical skills and learn more about factors that impact on your time on the water. This award takes you on the next steps towards becoming a proficient and independent paddler. And can help you choose what type of craft/boat to use in certain situations.

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On our Full Day Discover Kayak Course you will aim to fulfill your Discover Award:

Our Discover Paddlesport full day courses are suitable for beginners. Or those just starting out, you will spend the day with us in Studland using multiple crafts to test your skills learnt. After the course we will talk through your progress and help you make a plan about how you can progress further with your paddling.

This course has been designed in line with the new British Canoeing Paddle Awards. On completion of the course your aim is to match the criteria to pass the discover award. This course is suitable for beginners wanting to learn to kayak. View the discover award course content to understand what content will be covered in the course. And what outcomes you will hope to achieve by the end of the day.

British Canoeing Paddle Explore Award – Full Day Course £100pp:

The next award allows you to choose where you want to move next in the world of paddlesport by choosing a discipline to work towards. Using an individualised approach you’ll develop independence and make your own decisions on the water in your chosen craft. Whether that be Canoeing, Kayaking or SUPing in a sheltered water environment.

One of our experienced instructors will work with you over the course of the day in Studland. To develop both your paddling skills and environmental awareness in your chosen craft. Content of the course includes planning & route choices. It also includes journeying, craft handling technique and more. This award is ideal if you’re looking to move beyond the new Paddle Awards to the discipline specific Personal Performance Awards.

As this is a full day course we recommend that you have had some paddling experience.

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British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards:

After develop your personal paddling in the craft of your choice with the Personal Performance awards. Allowing you to develop as a paddler and progress your skills. So whether your looking to get into Polo, start Coastal Sea Kayak paddling or develop your Stand Up Paddleboard skills, the awards are for you!

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Take a Personal Performance award in any of the following 12 disciplines:

Canoe, Freestyle, Polo, Racing, Rafting, Sea Kayak and Slalom. Alternatively Stand Up Paddleboard, Surf Kayak, Touring, Whitewater and  Wild Water Racing. See more on the Personal Performance awards on the BC website. https://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/coaching-leadership/new-for-2019

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British Canoeing Paddlesport Instructor Training:

After completing a personal performance award, you’ve truly been bitten by the paddling bug you can progress even further. Make a career out of paddlesports to become an instructor.

So there are plenty of options, from taking British Canoeing’s new Paddlesport Instructor award. Which allows you to run taster session for beginners, or follow British Canoeing’s coaching pathway. Allowing you to develop paddlers through their own journeys. Or take the Leadership Route in one of many disciplines, from Sea Kayak Leader to Surf Leader to Bellboat Helm and everything in between!

Furthermore these awards you can develop your safety and rescue skills with courses such as Foundation Safety and Rescue. Which allows you to learn how to manage situations where other paddlers (or yourself) are in need of help. There are also classroom based courses such as Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning. Which gives the skills to be able to plan and navigate safely in advanced water environments through the use of practical planning.

In addition to your experience and skill level, as long as you enjoy paddling, there’s a way you can get involved! Why not start your journey, or develop your skills with us on one of our BC courses in Dorset.

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Find out more about British Canoeing. https://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/


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