We asked… In your wildest dreams what would be your best adventure? [Answers on the back of a postcard]

We don’t know where we’d start to answer this question! There are so many adventures, far flung lands to explore, as well as adventures closer to home. Therefore, an adventure can be as simple as exploring your back garden or local park. Or sleeping out under the stars, while lighting up a campfire for smores.

So take some inspiration from our friends and consider, adventure is…. ?

space postcard kids fun

Adventure is… “Going into space” – Arron Age 6

safari adventure woods postcard

“Make a lifesize model in the woods. Go on safari and camp in the bush”

jungle postcard kid explore

“Jungle adventure” Millie Austin Hare

live forest wild child kids

“Living in a forest!” Eliza

dream adventure postcard

“Take a year off work and… Go on safari. Go all around New Zealand in a camper. Travel South America. Visit China and Japan.”

We think you’ll agree, some epic ideas, and also some imaginations bigger than others…!

So do you have your own answer for adventure is?

We’ve finally considered and we think we know ours.

We spend our days kayaking around epic Old Harry Rocks. Discover hidden coves and caves, inaccessible by any other means. We marvel at stacks and stumps, formed by wave action over years and years. Gliding across mirror calm waters, or take on crashing waves and spray. We hunt and gather wild plants, seaweeds and more. Munching on wild deliciousness. Casting fishing line and hauling in pots for the wonders of the deep- spindly spider crabs, hunky sea bass and more to take home for dinner.

Although we love sharing this knowledge out on the sea- sharing a magical bay and awesome rocks. Finally, back on dry land we’re still adventuring, carrying on the forage for wild plants. Getting our hands dirty in the woods to light a fire to cook on, or just keep toasty.

Consequently, this is our dream adventure, why not come join us!


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