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Autumn Foraging | Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Autumn Foraging | Elderberry Syrup Recipe

School has started and the seasons are changing which can only mean one thing; coughs and colds are on their way! But how clever are the seasons to deliver us such a goody bag of medicinal supplies to prepare us for the winter sniffles. Elderberries are a firm favourite of ours for homemade syrup to treat those sniffs and snivvles (& to make the odd cocktail!) so we’re sharing a how to on the blog just in time before they all disappear.

Friday Forage #13 | Elderflower Cordial Recipe – Our First Taste Of Summer

Friday Forage #13 | Elderflower Cordial Recipe – Our First Taste Of Summer

June went and passed us by in the flash of an eye…we spent our days on and off the water in Dorset on kayak adventures and running our wild food workshops enjoying the first tastes of summer and Elderflower has to be up there with one of our top favourite foraging finds. Most summer seasons are signaled for us with that sweet heady scent as you pass through the hedgerows, those sudden bursts of blooms that appear out of nowhere, here today and seemingly gone tomorrow. You have to get your baskets laden quick sharp if you want to make this one last the year with our elderflower cordial recipe that makes the basis for jellies, preserves, syrups, cocktails and everything in between to keep those sunny memories alive throughout the dullest of days….

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