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Nettle Soup Foraging Recipe

Nettle Soup Foraging Recipe

Nettles (Urtica dioica) are a fabulous source of iron, protein and packed with minerals. High in calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, potassium, vitamin A & C, this is a wild plant that is super versatile and super good for you. Spring is the time to forage for nettles when they are young and tender, pick the smaller younger plants between spring and early summer. Our favourite way to use nettles as we move out of winter into spring is by making nettle soup, it’s something about the taste of the hedgerows and the comfort of a steaming bowl of spring green soup that feels like you’re being hugged every time you take a delicious mouthful.

Sunday Supper Recipe #7 | Sea Beet Soup

Sunday Supper Recipe #7 | Sea Beet Soup

Now the weathers starting to turn we’re sharing with you our heartwarming sea beet soup, this old favourite was served up at as a starter at this months Autumn feast and went down a treat with our gaggle. 

Sea Beet {Beta Vulgaris} is a wonderfully hardy sea plant, it grows alongside the seashore throughout the seasons. To get the best flavour and the glossiest leaves forage for the smaller leaves in spring but its also great during the summer and beginning of Autumn, pick sparingly and just a few leaves per plant, choose carefully and forage from an area well populated with well established plants .

Sunday Supper Recipe #6  | Wild Garlic Hummus

Sunday Supper Recipe #6 | Wild Garlic Hummus

The hedgerows are sprouting with the glorious green goodness of wild garlic and we thought it was about time to try a few new recipes alongside our old faves like wild garlic butter and wild salsa verde.

So we gave one of our family kitchen staples hummus a bit of a pick me up by adding a bunch of this sweet stuff. Not only do the wee ones love to hunt and gather but they get to get their hands mucky in the kitchen too and even better reward their efforts with a scrummy hummus worthy of their crunchy carrot sticks.

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