Sunday Supper Recipe #7 | Sea Beet Soup

Sep 29, 2016 | Foraging And Feasting, Wild Food Recipies, Wild Starters

Now the weathers starting to turn we’re sharing with you our heartwarming sea beet soup.  Furthermore this old favourite was served up at as a starter at this months Autumn feast and went down a treat with our gaggle.  There’s something so reassuring and comforting about a mug of soup. Therefore we think this is a well deserved Sunday supper after a stroll in the woods.  So raid your larder and grab those basics to stir up a simple yet scrumptious soup for you & your fellow stompers!

sea beet (1)

Sea Beet {Beta Vulgaris} is a hardy sea plant. It grows alongside the seashore throughout the seasons. Next to get the best flavour and the glossiest leaves forage for the smaller leaves in spring.   Also its great during the summer and beginning of Autumn.  Pick sparingly and a few leaves per plant, choose carefully and forage from an area well populated with well established plants .

The taste and texture of this wild edible will be familiar to you if you like your greens. It shares similarities with spinach and chard and can be prepared and cooked in the same way too. So try boiling, blanching or wilting your sea beet, we often throw it into salad raw too.

pan cooking butter

Sea Beet Soup

Time: 10 minutes

Makes: approx 12 cups


2 large handfuls of Sea Beet

2 ltrs Chicken stock

1 Garlic bulb {or handful of wild garlic}

400g Full fat Crème fraîche

Salt and pepper to season

How to

Wilt your Sea beet in the melted butter then add the garlic.  {roughly chop if you’re using wild garlic} Continue cooking for a minute or so.

Add the chicken stock and stir for another minute or until the Sea Beet cooked.

Whisk the creme fraiche in at the end of cooking. If you’re using a hob then you want to be on a very low heat. If over a fire then take the pan off the heat. As you don’t want to boil the creme fraiche, you just want to warm & blend it into the soup. {Top tip; to avoid curdling the soup let the creme fraiche come to room temperature first}

cups soup

If you want to learn how to seek out this wild edible.  Why not join us on our foreshore foraging course this very weekend in Studland.  Scour the seashore for sea weeds and sea vegetables and hunt amongst the hedgerows with us for hips, haws & more.

On this half day course we will be teaching our wild ways & sharing our knowledge.  Including how to identify, harvest & prepare green goodies for the feasting. You will see for yourselves how simple this soup is.  As well as what makes sea beet such a green goodie; where it grows, how to identify it and what you can do with it! Book your spots now for our Foraging Masterclass on Saturday October 1st 13.30-16.30 £60pp

Learn More & Book Your Space On A Foraging Course

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