We love where we are. Our sea and our shore is a place of absolute beauty and bounty. We also adore a foraged meal!

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Changing Seasons

The season changed from summer to autumn this past week and the sun set in that Indian summer kind of way. A handful of us gathered around a table at our secluded beach hideaway. Finally, time to feast on what we had foraged within toe-dipping distance.

Fore a Feast is a night where the connection between the great outdoors and our plate is made abundantly clear. Where we explore the skills needed to enjoy natures larder.

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It’s a celebration of our environment and what it provides.

A glimpse of life through adventure. A feast for all the senses.

(And just for you, here’s a little goose through the spyglass at what Fore a Feast looks like. Here’s our foraged feast on film)

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On the Foraged Meal Menu:

Firstly, sea cured mackerel (caught aboard our kayaks) with homemade soda bread. Garnished with foraged samphire, seablite and sea purslane.

Secondly, for the main event, barbecued Old Harry Rocks lobster with sea vegetable aioli. Served with Dorset watercress, new potatoes with sea kelp flakes and homemade bread.

Lastly we finished off with Carrageen seaweed pannacotta with rosehip syrup.

Finally all washed down with Studland blackberry lemonade and Studland grape juice.

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We have tons of adventures going on in our little patch of Dorset. From foraging and feasting to kayaking, paddleboarding, coasteering, climbing and more. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a slice of life through adventure with us see our events page for what we’ve got in store. You can also give us a shout to see how we can plan a bespoke event or foraged meal for your group.

Moreover, to discover more of our life through adventure, featured foraged feast recipes, how to’s and more, check out the rest of our blog.

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