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Oct 18, 2019 | Land Adventures, Foraging And Feasting, Bushcraft, Gift Vouchers

It’s time to go adventurin this winter!
At Fore / Adventure we love the summer. Warm weather and inviting seas are great for kayaking, snorkelling and exploring the coastline in Dorset! But what do we do when it’s time for adventuring in winter?! You won’t find us hunkering down inside with a fire and a hot chocolate (well, not all the time anyway!) because we love being outside and making the most of what every season gives us! Here’s our top tips for adventuring this winter. So what can you get up to in the great outdoors in the Autumn and Winter?

adventuring this winter

Adventuring In Winter – Bushcraft

We don’t know what it is about Bushcraft; the crackling fire, being immersed in the woods and the crisp morning air.  It’s the perfect winter activity to get you engaging with nature and learning something new!

fire marshmellows family children

Get primal and light a fire using only what you find in your woodland environment.  Gather birch bark, dried ferns and leaves, sticks and branches. Then soon you’ll be able to cook food, boil water or simply stay warm!

shelters adventuring this winter

Learn more about our bushcraft courses


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Nothing beats getting out and exploring somewhere new (or somewhere old!) in the Autumn or Winter. Wrap up warm and take a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate and make the most of the peace and quiet of the cooler months.


While you’re exploring the countryside or coast you can pick up some great foodie treasures.  Especially when adventuring in winter and late autumn.

forage woods children

In autumn we can often find and forage:

Blackberries- probably every child’s first forage.  Sweet blackberries can be taken home and made into crumbles, cheesecakes, and jams. Although more often gobbled straight from the hedgerow!

Nettles- easy to identify, not so easy to pick! Find young fresh nettles.  They are super versatile in the kitchen.  Make soup, risotto or pesto (and maybe pick some dock leaves as well, just in case!)

Acorns- experts say nuts are harder work to forage and eat than fruits and plants.  Thus acorns are no different! They contain bitter tannins, so acorns must be leached before they’re cooked or eaten.

foraging adventuring this winter

In winter we can often find and forage:

Conifer Needles- an unlikely, but common, wild food with incredible medicinal properties. Snip them up into small pieces and make pine needle tea. A healthy dose of immune-boosting vitamin C.  Always appreciated in ‘cold’ season!!

Chestnuts- a classic winter forage, especially at Christmas! Roast them (preferably on an open fire!) and enjoy by adding to your Christmas stuffing, or candying them for a sweet festive treat.

Sloe berries- the blue-black fruit of the Blackthorn tree are tart and acidic.  But great for making sloe gin for a Christmas gift- or enjoyed yourself!

Learn more about our foraging courses

Adventuring In Winter – Feast

A day outdoors is never complete without a warming feast to come back to. Gather up your foraged finds and put those fire lighting skills to good use.  By creating a sumptious supper to warm up with.

bushcraft fire kettle tea foraged

We love creating foraged feasts and encourage you to experiment with the wild food out there.  A good place to start is by using edible berries and flowers to make flavoured cordials and syrups.  Green herbs for salsas and pestos or stuff fish and cook over the fire for a true taste of the wild.

foraging baskets Escape to the English Countryside

If you’re looking for an adventure this winter.  We have regular foraging walks and bushcraft courses to teach you the skills you need. Thus getting the most out of your time in the outdoors year round, see our events page for availability.

fish lemon fire bushcraft

If you’re looking for a super special experience then join our next seasonal Forage and Feast.  You can enjoy a taster of all of the above and a 3 course meal with welcome wild cocktail and wine for just £70pp.

festive feast table adventuring this winter

elderberry feast cocktail

Learn more about our next forage and feast

Festive Forage and Feast | Dec 7th | 15.00 – 18.00

What’s included for just £70pp;

  • Foraging walk – hedgerow and seashore plant identification 
  • Bushcraft tool use
  • Wild cooking demonstration
  • Welcome wild cocktail
  • 3 course supper with foraged ingredients and wine
  • cosy campfire

If you’re thinking of treating a loved one this Christmas we also sell gift vouchers, all the info you need is here, so get out adventuring in winter!

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