Wild garlic, courgette and goats cheese tart recipe

Mar 9, 2020 | Foraging And Feasting, Wild Food Recipies, Wild Mains

Wild garlic pesto is a firm favourite.  And a simple way for us all to get this super spring ingredient into our diet without trying too hard. Whizz up wild garlic leaves, pine nuts, olive oil and parmesan in a food processor.  Season to taste and you have a perfect pesto at your fingertips.  Then add to pasta, drizzled over tomatoes and Mozzarella, or spread over sourdough.


Here’s a recipe for our wild garlic and goats cheese tart from one of our forage and feast events.  We like to make time and time again. You don’t have to stick to wild garlic you can use any wild herbs. That you forage or have growing in your garden to make into pesto.


Wild Garlic & Goats cheese Tart Recipe

wild garlic tart


Make wild garlic pesto (see above).

Trim the Puff Pastry into rectangles, score around the edge and prick with a fork.

Cover with a thin layer of pesto and thinly sliced courgettes.

Pop into the oven for 15 minutes or until the pastry is browned.

Blend cream cheese and soft goats cheese together, add dill and any herbs you like & pipe onto the pastry.

Garnish with courgette ribbons and pine nuts. Drizzle with pesto. We added dandelion leaves, thinly sliced alexanders and pickled wild garlic bulbs.  Although you can add whatever wild herbs you fancy to add interest and texture.


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Spring is a fantastic time of year to learn to forage and find wild plants. There are so many new signs of life in the hedgerows and along the shoreline. We run foraging walks and events year round in Studland, Dorset.  Also we host 4 special seasonal feasts a year in line with the seasons. We are super excited about our Spring feast coming up on March 21st.  There’s only a few spaces left so come and join us to learn how to forage for wild plants. Find out what to do with these wild ingredients with our chef before enjoying wild cocktails.  A wonderful 3 course meal with wine prepared with some of the wild food.  All at our beautiful pavillion overlooking studland bay. See our last Forage and Feast here to see what’s involved!

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Learn More About Our Spring Forage And Feast On March 21st

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