Fore a Feast | A Summer Session With Foraged Finds And Wild Cocktails

Sep 16, 2015 | Foraging And Feasting, Forage And Feast, Outdoor Activities Special Events

Sitting pretty by the seashore under our canopy, complete with rain drops as only a true British summer can be, we forged our summer foraged feast 2015.  Indeed, we had all the ingredients you need for such an evening of merriment! Chef Director at The Pig, James Golding alongside Damien Clisby head chef from Petersham Nurseries turned our foodie finds into tasty treats. Furthermore, the very clever James Fowler from the Larder House stirred us up a stormy wild cocktail.

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By day we hit the high seas on our trusty steeds to catch us a mackerel supper. Secondly, we scavenged for wild edibles that would later be putting the chefs to the test to create our feast 2015. Making connections between our plate and our environment is what we love. Therefore. what better way to do that by showing the chefs what our little patch has to offer. It’s not just wild food but also heart warming (and pumping!) experiences. It all makes the food taste even better!

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What It’s All About

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When all the hard work had been done for our feast 2015, we sat back and enjoyed the moment. We laid the table with jam jars filled to the brim with our wild garden flowers, ferns alongside placemats of foraged herbs. Lanterns shed a warm glow and the crackle of the fire provided a hum in the background. This was one of those moments that made us feel blessed to be in such wonderful company.

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It’s all about encouraging people to respect our environment & understand it. We’re stripping it back to the simple stuff, experimenting with & enjoying what’s all around us every day. It’s the stuff we do all the time, but we all want to share it & let people know that with a tiny bit of knowledge they can do it too. Have a goose at our Feast 2015 Menu whet your appetite for next time…

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Fore Feast 2015 Menu


Coastal cobbler by James Fowler


Grilled Pigeon, Wild Salad with Orache & Marigold petals, Bramble Berry dressing.


BBQ Seaweed wrapped Mackerel, Pickled Samphire & sea vegetables,

Wild fennel flower dressing


Rose Hip & Soused Crab Apple Jelly (set with Irish Moss sea weed) & Yoghurt cream.

mackerel feast fish seafood event

** Lastly, mucho thanks to the very talented Marte Marie Forsberg and the  lovely Sarah Lou from Lapinblu for sharing their images of our Feast 2015. Likewise thanks to all who enjoyed the day!

Psssssst….We host 4 seasonal feasts like this a year to follow the seasons as well as hand crafting private and bespoke events like this for clients. Finally, you can sign up to the newsletter over on the homepage to be the first in the know for next time.

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